MODEL #  CQR4000
Penn Reels are known around the world for their quality and
longevity! Penn has been building spinning reels for over fifty
years! Over the past few years, Penn's spinning reel line has
evolved to include a wider range of fishing products that have
better features and are more versatile. All of Penn's spinning
reels feature metal bodies that can really take a beating.
Stronger, more powerful drags have been added along with
metal handles, and stronger gears. All Penn reels are braid

Penn offers a wide variety of spinning reels for the smallest
freshwater species all the way up to the largest game fish.
Penn Spinning Reels feature
designs for all your saltwater
needs. Whether your catching
small mangrove snappers in the
Keys or battling a fifty pound
striper in the surf, there are
Penn spinning reels that will be
perfect for you. Constructed of
either graphite or full metal
frames and rotors, various sizes
and spool capacities and live
lining features, Penn spinning
reels will help you get the job
Penn Reels is a name you can trust. Penn Fishing Reels have
dominated the fishing reel industry since 1932. Founded by
Otto Henze,Penn Fishing Tackle Company (aka Penn Reels)
was has been dedicated to producing the finest fishing reels
for over 70 years. Fishermen all over the world swear by their
Penn Reels. Choose Penn Reels because of their superiour
quality and performance in addition to their reasonable price.

Penn Reels Limited Warranty:
Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co. warrants its products to be free
from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one
year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover
damage or malfunctions caused by accident, abuse or normal
expected wear.

All warranties which may be implied by operation of law,
including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and
warranties of fitness for any particular purpose, shall be
limited to one year from the date of purchase. In no event
shall Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co. be liable for incidental or
consequential damages for breach of this warranty or any
other warranty which may be implied by law. Some states do
not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts,
and some state do not allow the exclusion of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above limitation and/or
exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you
specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which
vary from state to state.

If your Penn Fishing Reel has a defect within the terms of the
warranty, you should return it to Penn Fishing Tackle
Company. Please contact Penn Reels directly to obtain
necessary instructions on how to proceed with warranty
A single, large HT100 drag
washer, located under the
spool, protects the drag from
the elements, providing the
utmost in smooth stopping
power for the Slammer's drag
system. The proven HT100
drag material lasts for a long
time, but when it finally does
wear, the reversible drag
washer can be flipped over,
for double the life.
The Conquer™ spinning reel is built with all the quality and
workmanship PENN has delivered for over 75 years. Designed
for inshore and near shore species, whether you are fishing for
tarpon or trout, the Conquer comes in five sizes to match the
fish you’re after.
EAS System. The Easy Access System is the most innovative
maintenance feature ever introduced in a spinning reel. By
simply backing out one screw on the stem of the reel, the rear
hatch opens and gives full access to the gearbox, allowing you
to grease gears and oil bearings in a matter of seconds. All
parts are contained within the gearbox so you won’t have to
worry about parts falling out, which makes this system
extremely easy to use. EAS makes maintaining your reel easy,
and the more you maintain your reels the longer they last.
Eternal Alloy. Eternal Alloy is a revolutionary material utilized
on the spool lip that provides performance far exceeding any
other material. Its unique atomic structure is impervious to any
performance robbing corrosion, bumps, scratches, stresses
and dings that extreme fishing conditions can dish out. The
strength and hardness are more than twice that of a typical
titanium alloy. It is three times harder than steel and six times
harder than aluminum. Unlike coatings which are placed over
material with weaker properties that eventually cause failure,
Eternal Alloy parts are Eternal Alloy all the way through. The
extreme strength and hardness of the Eternal Alloy spool lip
prevents nicks and dings that decrease casting distance and
damage your line.
Superline Spool means no backing is needed because the
rubber gasket keeps superlines from slipping.

HT-100™ Drag Washers provide smooth drag under heavy
loads, and the Techno-Balanced(R) rotor gives the Conquer
its extra-smooth retrieves, even under heavy pressure.
Not many reels are good enough to carry the Penn name. But
the new Conquer spinning reel from Penn is built with all the
quality and workmanship the brand has delivered for over 75
years. Designed for inshore and nearshore species, this reel
is built for any saltwater angling. The Conquer introduces
proprietary design elements that ensure the angler with the
best operating spinning reel in the price range. Exclusive to
the Conquer reel is the EAS (Easy Access System). A single
screw secures a rear hatch that when open provides full
access to the gearbox for lubricating gears and bearings
without worry of any parts falling out. Also found only on this
reel is the spool lip design with Eternal Alloy construction,
incorporating strength and hardness twice that of titanium
alloy. The spool lip is protected from dents, nicks and
scratches which are a major cause of decreased casting
distances and line damage.
Penn Conquer Spinning Reels
features include: Eternal Alloy
- the spool lip is made from a
proprietary metal that resists
dents and scratches, which
maintains casting distance
over the life of the reel, EAS -
Easy Access System allows
maintenance hatch to be
lowered to access key internal
parts for lubrication, Superline
Spool - No backing needed
because of the rubber gasket
which keeps superline from
slipping, HT-100 drag washers
provide smooth drag under
heavy loads, Braid ready to
handle the strain that braided
line puts on a reel, Friction trip
ramp prevents premature bail
trip when casting, Forged,
machined, and anodized
aluminum spool, Patented
one-piece machined aluminum
gear box, 10 shielded
stainless steel ball bearings,
Machine-cut alloy main gear,
and Infinite anti-reverse.
Features of Penn Conquer
Spinning Reels include:

•One-piece machined
aluminum gear box
•Eternal Alloy spool lip
•Forged and machined
aluminum spool
•Infinite anti-reverse
•10 Shielded stainless steel
ball bearings
•Braid ready to handle the
strain that superlines puts on a
•Friction trip ramp prevents
premature bait trip when
•Techno-Balanced rotor
•HT-100 drag washers provide
smooth drag under heavy
•Superline spool
•Friction trip ramp bail design
•Heavy aluminum bail wire