The Tibor Signature Fly Reel series, which is signed by designer Ted
Juracsik, is a stylish and elegant reel for the serious angler. Tibor
have manufactured reels for 35 years, and their experience clearly
shows with this product. The famous company has once again raised
the bar for innovation, design and quality with the newest Signature

The drag system of the Tibor Signature Fly Reel is one of its main
selling points. The system is designed to apply seal pressure in free
spool, so the reel doesn't overrun. It's also self maintaining, and is
one of the strongest, most reliable drag systems in the industry.

Other features of the Tibor Signature Fly Reel include a unique
clutch system that lets you change from right to left handed retrieve,
patented QuickChange spool system that only contains a single
moving part and a robust clicker sound. The reel is now available in a
larger 11-12 weight that's perfect for larger species. Tibor reels have
earned over 750 world records, and the Signature Series matches
and even exceeds the performance and quality we've come to expect.

Each Tibor reel comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and a thick
neoprene case is included for transportation and storage.
Tibor Signature  5-6 Fly Reel
The Tibor Signature Fly Reel
features an elegant and strong
design. It can be disassembled
without breaking the warranty, if
maintenance is required.
•The spool of the reel is almost
completely ventilated to prevent
overheating during long casting
•A robust clicker sound (both
outgoing and incoming).
•Incredibly smooth and strong drag.
The Tibor fly reels were first introduced in 1995 and they have
established themselves as the benchmark for custom-crafted fly
reels. After years of development and input from the likes of Lefty
Kreh and Flip Pallot, Ted was finally satisfied with a reel that truly
has set a new standard in fly fishing reel technology. The spool's
large arbor design significantly enhances the rate of line retrieval
which is critical when you're trying to control speedsters like
bonefish, bonito, or wahoo. As with all of Ted's reels, the drag system
is absolutely flawless and has withstood the test of the world's most
demanding game fish, including 250 World Records, so far. If you
were to own only one fly reel, the Tibor Fly Reel is the one.
The Tibor Signature Series 5-6 Fly
Fishing Reel is the latest addition to
the Tibor Signature Series family of
fly fishing reels. This fly reel is built
saltwater tough but is small enough
to be used on lighter fly tackle in
freshwater too.With its sealed
aluminum hub drag sytem the 5-6
version of the Tibor Signature series
fly reels is just as tough as its bigger

Unique to the 5-6 size is the option
to add different color drag hubs at no
extra cost to create a custom fly reel

Product Details

Superdurable reels designed to tackle the biggest saltwater fish
Built with an ultrasmooth and powerful cork drag
Deeply anodized for superior corrosion resistance

Built tough to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean and the
ruthless runs of the fish that live there, these are among the finest
saltwater fly reels ever made. Come with Tibor's waterproof,
silky-smooth micro-grain cork disc-drag that has exceptional stopping
power and is self-lubricating. The drag system constantly applies
seal pressure while in free spool so the reel will never over-run itself
when you strip line. Changing spools is lightning fast with the
QuickChange spool system that has only one moving part. Unique
mechanical clutch system allows easy change from right- to left-hand
retrieve. Frame and spool are made from anodized machined
aluminum. Beefy Gorilla handle helps you battle big saltwater
gamefish. Extra-thick neoprene reel case included. Each reel
features a personalized nameplate, engraved free by Tibor. USA.
2011 marked the 35th Anniversary of Tibor Reel Corporation. To
celebrate, we introduced the Tibor Signature Series, a revolutionary
new line of reels that are the pinnacle of 35 years of designing and
manufacturing the world's finest fly fishing reels. The newest reel,
the Tibor Signature Series 5-6, now completes this series. Internal
innovations such as a light-weight aluminum sealed drag system,
and other component modifications make this reel light enough for
freshwater tackle, yet strong enough to withstand tough tarpon runs
and brutal saltwater conditions. This is truly the little reel that can!