Metal Series

The metal construction showcased
in some of our finest reels now
appears throughout our line of
Metal Series products. Metal
frames not only keep moving parts
in precise alignment, they also
feature the use of the latest
anodizing, plating and painting
techniques for beautiful and durable

A-RB bearings are stainless steel ball bearings that
have been through the A-RB treatment process which
makes them at least 10 times more corrosion resistant
than standard stainless steel ball bearings.

•A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings) are made of Stainless
Steel that has been through the A-RB process.
• At least 10 times more corrosion resistant than
standard Stainless Steel ball bearings.
• Easy Maintenance-no shield design allows for easy
flushing of debris and easy lubrication.
•Increased Bearing Speed-no shield design and
lighter viscosity lubrication reduce friction and allow
the bearing to spin faster and longer.
Cold Forged Aluminum Spool

These spools provide increased
strength and durability over diecast
aluminum or graphite spools.
•Specially treated A-RB Anti-Rust Bearings—at least
10 times more corrosion resistant than standard
stainless steel bearings
•Metal frames keep moving parts in precise alignment
for increased efficiency and durability
•PermaLube lubrication for effortless freespooling and
long-term protection
•Ratcheting drag lever eliminates play due to boat
•Twin Disk Drag System (Ti16 and Ti130 only)
effectively doubles the drag surface for a wider range
of settings and increased durability
•Offset ergonomic power grip with soft, nonslip
Septon® grip (all models except Ti12 and Ti16)
allows natural hand, arm and wrist angles for greater
power and comfortLine recovery in inches per handle
High Effeciency Gearing (HEG)

HEG consists of not only the gears, but also the
frame, setplate, and handle-side sideplate. First we
increased the size of the drive gear and the pinion
gear to offer increased leverage and power. By using
a one-piece frame that incorporates the setplate and
adding a one-piece stamped sideplate, we have
eliminated flex in the drivetrain that causes normal
gears to bind under pressure. By eliminating the flex
and increasing the leverage, we are able to provide
high-speed retrieves and deliver an incredible amount
of torque, while maintaining the smooth, silent retrieve
Shimano reels are famous for.
S A-RB Bearings

These bearings have been
through the same process as our
A-RB bearings, but feature shields
on both sides of the bearings that
reduce the possibility of salt or
sand inhibiting the bearing's
•Graphite Frame
•Graphite Sideplate
•Erogonomic Power Handle (2011A &
3011A only )
•Aluminum Spool
•Offset Erogonomic Power Grip (5011
& 5011LRSA only)
•A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
•Approved for use in Saltwater
•Rated for use with Mono,
Fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines
•4 Bearings
•Retrieve Range 37/16 - 38/15 (in)
•36.2-57.3 WEIGHT RANGE (oz)
•Lever Drag
•30-42 (lb) Drag Power Range
•Extra High Crank Power
•N/A Cast Rating
Series : TLD II
Family Type : Lever Drag
Models Offered : 4
Key Feature : Lightweight 2-speed
trolling reels
Ball Bearings : 4
Roller Bearings : 0
Maximum Drag (lb) : 30-42 (lb)
Retrieve Per Crank Range (in) :
Powerful, light and durable, the leverdrag TLD IIA
reels offer 2-speed versatility, salt-resistant A-RB
bearings and all the performance you can handle.
The Shimano TLD Reels' hard-nosed Triton Lever
Drag technology and a versatile 2-speed clutch put
you in control no matter which species you'll be
slugging it out with. Big fish anglers can expect years
of durable performance from the TLD Reels. Sturdy
graphite frame and side-plates, aluminum spool, 4
corrosion-resistant A-RB® stainless steel ball
bearings, rod clamp, barrel handle grip for leverage
and comfort. Audible clicker increases freespool
•Versatile 2-speed clutch puts you in total control
•Sturdy graphite frame and sideplates
•Aluminum spool
•4 A-RB® (Anti-Rust Bearings)
•Rod clamp
•Barrel handle grip
•Audible clicker
Line Capacity:30/600
Braid Capacity:50/1210
Ball Bearings:4
Max Drag:33 Lbs.
Reel Weight (oz):37.5
You don't need a big boat to catch big fish. In fact,
there's absolutely no reason why you couldn't catch
a 250-pound thresher shark from your 20-foot center
console boat. Unless you left your Shimano TLD at
home. If you own a small fishing boat, or you often
find yourself elbow-to-elbow with your angling
compatriots on the large party boats, you need a reel
that's both nimble and versatile. The Shimano TLD
reels are light in hand, so easy to shift they're almost
mindless, and they're adaptable to any number of
bluewater species from tuna to striped marlin. And
because they're built by Shimano, durability is an
inevitable part of the package. A large, private,
ocean-going vessel may be neat, but it's not
necessary. Just match the tackle to the situation.
And let the fish fall where they may.
Shimano TLD II 2-Speed
Model # TLD30IIA