Super Stopper

Super Stopper uses a one-way,
stainless steel roller bearing that
eliminates backplay. This provides
the angler with instant hooksetting
Shimano Moocher Plus GT  
Model # MCR4000GTPA Reel
E.I. Surface Treatment

With E.I., after the anodization
process is finished, a second layer
of surface treatment is added. This
Treatment is forced into the
remaining surface impurities. This
gives salt no hideout, and also
results in an extremely
smooth-to-the-touch finish. (So
don?t forget to back your spool with
tape or a few wraps of mono before
installing your PowerPro A reel with
the E.I. Surface treatment has more
than double the corrosion
resistance of a standard anodized
S A-RB Bearings

These bearings have been through
the same process as our A-RB
bearings, but feature shields on
both sides of the bearings that
reduce the possibility of salt or sand
inhibiting the bearing's rotation.
Super Free (SF)

The Super Free bearing-supported pinion gear
system (SF) was designed to eliminate friction on
the spool shaft during the cast. In standard
baitcasting reels, when the clutch bar is pressed
down, the pinion gear is freed and can actually
drag on the spool shaft, creating friction and
limiting the length of the cast. With SF, the pinion
gear is supported by a ball bearing, and when the
clutch is disengaged the pinion gear and spool
shaft are kept in precise alignment. The result is
zero friction on the spool shaft for increased
Variable Brake System (VBS)

VBS uses centrifugal force rather than magnets to
aid in controlling the cast. The individual brake
weights, when turned on, are forced outward at
the beginning of the cast when backlashes most
often occur, causing friction that reduces the
speed of the spool. Once the spool speed begins
to slow, the pressure lessens, allowing the spool
to continue spinning. The result is a much more
consistent spool speed that is easier to manage
and takes advantage of the reel's maximum
casting distance. Settings range from zero
weights turned on for true freespool and up to 6
weights turned on for extremely windy conditions
and maximum cast control.

X-Ship provides improved gear
durability. By supporting the pinion
gear on both ends with bearings,
the pinion gear maintains precise
alignment with the drive gear. This
means the gears will stay in the
same position under the heaviest
loads. The added benefit is that
friction between the spool shaft and
gear are eliminated. This will
enhance the casting performance
of the reel with lighter lures, and
allow for longer casts.
High Effeciency Gearing (HEG)

HEG consists of not only the gears, but also the
frame, setplate, and handle-side sideplate. First
we increased the size of the drive gear and the
pinion gear to offer increased leverage and
power. By using a one-piece frame that
incorporates the setplate and adding a one-piece
stamped sideplate, we have eliminated flex in the
drivetrain that causes normal gears to bind under
pressure. By eliminating the flex and increasing
the leverage, we are able to provide high-speed
retrieves and deliver an incredible amount of
torque, while maintaining the smooth, silent
retrieve Shimano reels are famous for.
By blending comfort features with strength and
performance, Shimano has created a powerful
platform that's a joy to fish with. Lightweight durability
results from a graphite frame and spool. The
waterproof Dartanium® drag teams with a metal
palming ring to give you optimal control as you battle
the big ones. A rubber handle grip enhances comfort
and control in slick conditions. Rated for use with
mono, fluorocarbon and PowerPro® lines, this reel is
equally effective fishing in freshwater and saltwater.
The Shimano Moocher Plus 4000 GT is a very
popular and effective reel for anglers who fish a
Canterbury lure rod. This salmon fishing methods is
something of a cross between spinning and fly
fishing. It employs a ten foot rod and large capacity
fly reel, and uses monofilament instead of a
conventional fly line. The target species are quinnat
salmon weighing up to forty pounds and large
searun brown trout both of which are caught in the
lower reaches of the major South Island east coast
This outfit comes into its own in the deep fast
flowing channels at the river mouth. These channels
are otherwise known as the gut. The Shimano
Moocher 4000 GT will hold up to 340 yards of 20
pound monofilament line; though anglers using this
method would typically fish heavier 50 or 60 pound
mono because it is much softer on the hands.
The Shimano Moocher Plus 4000 GT incorporates a
unique mechanism which allows the drag system to
cut out when the line is being retrieved. This
smooth, low resistance reel feature allows the angler
to fight the fish; not the drag. However, if line is
being played out by a strong running fish, the drag
system cuts in and the fish is then fighting against
the infinitely adjustable ultra smooth, yet powerful
drag system.
To change from left to right hand use it is simply a
matter of undoing a couple of screws and changing
the position of the line guide. Then remove the
anti-reverse ratchet and flip it over and reassemble.

•Graphite Frame
•Graphite Spool
•Rubber Handle Grip
•Waterproof Drag
•Metal Spool Ring
•Dartanium Drag
•Approved for use in Saltwater
•Rated for use with Mono,
Fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines
•Retrieve Range 14 (in)
•17.2 WEIGHT RANGE (oz)
•Star Drag
•5 (lb) Drag Power
•Moderate Crank Power
•Moderate Cast Rating
Series : Moocher Plus GTPA
Family Type : Star Drag
Models Offered : 2
Key Feature : One-to-one
Ball Bearings : 0
Roller Bearings : 0
Maximum Drag (lb) : 5 (lb)
Retrieve Per Crank Range (in) : 14