Shimano Aero Technium Model# ARTC10000XSC Reel

The X-SHIP gear system achieves greater power
transmission efficiency by minimizing the rotational
resistance through a larger gear, optimum positioning and
improved tooth face accuracy and bearing capacity. The
rigidity of components such as the handle, rotor and bail are
enhanced to eliminate power loss resulting from flexing and
distortion. The synergy generated by X-SHIP and rigidity of
components allows more direct cranking without loss of
power at the handle, providing great advantages for
extreme saltwater fishing.

By improving the internal friction efficiency Shimano
succeeded in bringing it?s line lay systems close to
perfection. Close parallel coils in combination with 2 speed
oscillation ensure smoother and further casting.
Instant Drag

The Instant Drag system allows you to adjust the clutch
from free spool to ?fight? in only a few turns. In the
interests of fish safety & the environment, please ensure
that you do not exceed the breaking strain of the
mono/braid when tightening the drag.

A spool design with a V-shape
spool lip ensuring that the line
comes off the reel in smaller
loops for further and more
accurate casting. The AR-C
spool will minimise the risk of

The original high corrosion
resistant A-RB ball bearing
with a shielding for improved
protection and sealed

Smooth, Silent, Strong

S-System Represents Shimano?s initial philosophy on
which many of our fixed spool reels have been designed.
The three basic ideas that are inherent in the S-Concept
are: Smooth, Silent and Strong.

Reels designed under the S flag incorporate the following

Specially designed guards are attached to the rotor and the
body, which prevent the accumulation of water and also
give added protection against accidental bumps and

S-Arm Cam
Slack line around the line roller is the basic cause of
problems during the cast. A newly designed roller
incorporates a protruding lower surface, which helps
prevent slack line, virtually eliminating the problem.

The drag washers are made of pure carbon. These provide
a smooth performance from zero to maximum power and
also offer excellent durability.

S-System spools are cold forged from aluminium alloy. The
cold forging process creates a lightweight spool with
increased structural strength. The addition of a spool ring,
made from titanium-coated Zirconia, which is ten times
harder than stainless steel, gives the lip added resistance
to abrasion and damage.

S-Master Gear
The master gear is made of A7075 Super Duraluminium
aircraft grade alloy for high strength and low weight. In the
Stella reel it is further coated with a layer of Black Almite.
Black Almite is a microscopic thin ceramic coating that
provides scratch and corrosion resistance.
Power Roller

The special design of the
Shimano Power Roller
significantly reduces line twist
during the retrieve and is a big
advantage when using thin
mono and braid.
Dyna Balance

Reduces reel wobble and
allows produces ultra smooth
Super Stopper II

With the reel set in
anti-reverse mode you'll find
zero free-play on the handle
thanks to Super Stopper II.
Unerringly positive every time,
its practical benefits include
micro increment settings of
quiver tips or specialist bite
indicators and faster hook
Floating Shaft II

The key friction area on most fixed spool reels is where the
spool drive shaft meets the pinion. Shimano designers
have overcome this by reducing a large percentage of
surface area contact, and incorporating bearings on either
side of the shaft. The resultant design leaves the shaft in a
"floating" position, considerably improving efficiency and

•7 Ball Bearings
•1 Roller Bearing
•Waterproof Drag Knob
•Super Stopper II
•AR-C - Spool
•Gear Ratio - 4.3:1
•Super Slow 10
•Aero Wrap II
•Shimano Instant Drag
•Cold Forged Gear
•S A-RB Bearings
•Spare Aluminum Spool
•SR Concept
•One Piece Bail
The Aero Technium XS features Shimano X-Ship gearing for
unrivaled smoothness and efficiency, Super Slow Oscillation
for outstanding line lay and Propulsion Line Management
System for great castability. When these features are
combined with our Aero Wrap II, Instant Drag and CF Gear
technologies you have the ultimate surf casting reel that
provides the distance needed to reach the biggest fish and
the power required to reel them in.
•7+1 Bearings
•Retrieve Range 40 (in)
•19.4 WEIGHT RANGE (oz)
•Spare Spool
•Front Drag
•44 (lb) Drag Power
•Extra High Crank Power
•Extra High Cast Rating
Series : Aero Technium
Family Type : Surf
Models Offered: 1
Key Feature : Shimano Instant Drag
Ball Bearings : 7
Roller Bearings : 1
Maximum Drag (lb) : 44 (lb)
Retrieve Per Crank Range (in) : 40
The benchmark in carp fishing reels. Every single
component incorporates the best technology available.
Super slow 2 speed oscillation lays line unbelievably close
to the next, ensuring that the line leaves the spool with
minimum friction, adding yards to any cast.

A silky smooth fast adjustment drag combined with
Baitrunner Spool II, 9 shielded Anti-Rust bearings, a one
piece bail arm and equipped with a slim profile folding
handle which when paired with the X Ship Cold forged
gearing, delivers unrivalled cranking power. An understated
matt black finish really makes this reel stand out from the
competition, but the biggest feature of this reel is the weight,
or the lack of it.... Everything has been lightened so that
maximum power can be converted to the cast. Also supplied
with a spare spool.