Mark IV 3.25N Trout Reel
Model size is listed by the outside
diameter of the reel. Spool width
describes the inside width of the
spool. Reel weight is given in
ounces without line installed. Our
two trout models feature a preset
Gear & Pawl drag system for spool
control while paying out line to a
running fish. The drag is designed
to control the over-run of the spool
with just a light drag to protect light
tippets. Reels are precision
machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
Alloy, 300 Series Stainless Steel
and Silicone Bronze. Trout models
cannot be retrieve converted, and
must be ordered according to
individual needs LHW or RHW.
Conversion service is free from the
factory if required.
Model 3  1/4” N: Spool width : 11/16”
Weight: 6.2 ounces. Fly line 3,4,5
Capacity 60 yards 20# micron WF5F.
Application: Our most popular all
round trout model for 4 and 5 wt lines
on 8 ½ to 9 ft graphite rods.
The first reelmaker I contacted when I tried to get this business going in mid-1992 was Joe Saracione. I was
already a proud owner of a bunch of his reels and thought the world of all of them. Quite honestly, I thought that
if I wasn't able to land Saracione I probably didn't have a viable business idea in mind. I have been a Saracione
dealer ever since, except for a brief period when Joe retired from reelmaking. During 2010, Joe decided to
reintroduce his Deluxe II reels as he really missed doing the bench-made type of reel. Just Reels is one of just
a handful of Saracione dealers that has access to the Deluxe II. Like the original Deluxe II models, these have
gorgeous Ebonite hard rubber sideplates that appear to be rich wet black paint.                                                   

The rims are 18% German nickel/silver and the counterbalance and other trim on them is 12% German
nickel/silver. The Trout models have a non-adjustable gear and pawl system while the Salmon models have
Joe's famous cork disc drag featuring a nine position detent lever on the backplate. I've fished reels that have
the multi-shoe drum drag and find the disc drag smoother and the reels themselves quite a bit lighter. I also find
that the drags don't ramp up as quickly as most drum drags do. All of Joe's Salmon models are single action. I'm
trying to keep a few of the trout models in stock. Of course, as a Saracione dealer I can also set you up with
Joe's CNC Mark IV reels which also come in Trout, Salmon Gear and Pawl, and Salmon Disc Drag models. I
will not be keeping these in stock, but can usually get whatever you need within a week or so. I'd much prefer
to use the resources available to keep a few of the Deluxe II models on the shelf. All orders of Deluxe II models
require a 20% deposit and a quoted waiting time of 60-90 days. My experiences thus far have been that the
wait will likely be longer than that, but not the year plus that it could end up taking twenty years ago.
In August, 2012, Joe announced a new high-end saltwater reel called the Islamorada. In three sizes to match
up with the very popular bonefish, permit, and tarpon, each would of course serve many other purposes
including some in freshwater. The drag is actuated by a lever and has strong detents in each position. The
drag itself features three carbon fibre discs bearing against heavily anodized aluminum washers. It has a very
strong maximum drag and is designed and lubricated with the intent that it will eventually get wet. Even though
it's an open drag design, this should eliminate any hydroplaning. The bearings used are massive compared to
those used in most fly reels. That's one of the reasons for the slightly higher weights than many of the other
new reels on the market. These reels are intended to be serious gear that will stand up to the rigors that
saltwater fishing often provides. They are available in black, gold, silver, or any combination (frame/spool) of
those colors. I will, for now, be stocking them in all black. After the initial startup these should be available with
virtually no wait. That would mean ordering different colors should add only a few days to the process. All parts
are made by Saracione Mfg. in their shop in Oregon. Nothing is made overseas. Joe even does his own
anodizing. Call or e-mail me for more information on them.
Single action direct drive.
Materials used: Precision
machined 6061-T6 aluminum for
frames, spools, side plates, and
reel foot. Screws and reel spindle
are stainless steel. Bushings and
bearings are made from
silicone-aluminum bronze. The
trout models cannot be converted
from right to left hand retrieve,
and must be ordered according to
individual needs. The salmon
models can be easily converted
from right to left hand retrieve and
have a super smooth disc drag
made up of Rulon impregnated
cork. Spools can be quickly
changed on all salmon models.
Each reel is individually numbered
and carries a lifetime warranty for
the original purchaser. A warranty
card is provided with each reel
and simply needs to be filled out
and mailed to Saracione
Our salmon and steelhead models feature a multi- disc drag system with a 10
position drag knob located on the back side plate of the reel. Additionally, each
Disc Drag reel model features a preset Gear & Pawl drag system also;
designed to control spool overrun when lighter disc drag settings are made.
This is not just a “clicker” it is a spool controlling drag system. All salmon and
steelhead disc drag models can be easily converted for LHW or RHW reeling.
Spare spools are available and can be quickly changed. All Mark IV reels are
designed for freshwater use only. They are very “Sport specific in design” and
are designed specifically for salmon and steelhead fly fishing with long two
handed rods.