These amazing reels are the result of a joint
development with the Mitchell Japanese engineering
team. They look fantastic, futuristic and are produced
to the highest specification and quality possible.
These reels have a magnesium construction that is
both lightweight and strong. In addition, they are fully
saltwater resistant and have been field tested in some
of the harshest environments.

One glance at the carbon effect spool and enormous
cut outs tell you two things about this reel - lightweight
and classy. A compact body and leightweight carbon
handle make this reel the Ferrari of Mitchell spinning
reels. Just imagine spinning for Bass or Trout or just
running a float downstream with this in your hands;
•9 1 HCPR ball bearings
•Convertible right and left hand
•Double anodised, machined
aluminium spool
•Anti twist titanium line roller
•Supplied with neoprene bag
•Instant ant reverse
•Spare aluminium spool

This series is Flag ship of the Mitchell Advanced
reels. As with the super successful Mag-Pro Lite
reels these reels are produced in conjunction with
Mitchell's Japanease engineering team. They are
produced using the maximum technology and
specification of Mitchell's factory has available.
Amazingly the engineers have managed to further
reduce the weight of these reels in comparison to the
Mag-Pro Lite. This achieved by utilising a lighter
weight Carbon / Aluminum hybrid spool, Titanium
mainshaft and ultra lightweight magnesium body,
rotor and sideplate.
On paper, the Mag Pro Extreme
didn’t seem appear to be that
different to the Mag Pro Lite, it
comes with the same smart
neoprene case and spare spool.
But as soon as you pick it up, you
realise, that the Pro Extreme has
stepped everything up a gear –
especially in terms of weight. The
Pro Lite was, well, light, but the
Mag Pro Extreme is incredibly
light. It weighs in at an amazing
231g !!!
Of most importance… Ratio 5.2:1
Weight 231g !!!!!! Spare spool
The retrieve ratio is lower, which
suits me – sometimes with HRF, I
have found that you don’t get as
much “feel” using reels with high
retrieve ratios; especially when
inching back senkos. It seems like
the engineers have pulled out all
of the stops to make this reel feel
special, without sacrificing quality
in any way.
The same high quality handle and body, but it has a
skeletal feel about it – still solid, but almost like the
reel has been stripped back to its bare bones.
The spool design is slightly different on the Pro
Extreme – more understated, but also with
increased venting on the sides, which helps to bring
the weight down.
Mitchell Mag Pro Extreme 500 Reel