3 bearing system

• one spare graphite spool

• graphite rotor and body

• rear drag free spool system

• front drag fighting drag

• Aluminium Spool Capacity:
10lb / 200yds

• Graphite Spool Capacity:
10lb / 160yds

• Gear Ratio: 5.0 : 1
Complete series of free running spool reels available
in 3 sizes.
The new family provides high quality reels to cover
most of European free spool style of fishing: Carp but
also predator fishing such as zander, pike and trout.
Delivered with one graphite spare spool .
Mitchell Avocet Silver 3000 Free Spool Reel
Free spool reel not just for carp hunters but also for
pike, zander and feeder fishing.
Features: 2 stainless steel bearings + 1 IAR roller
bearing, aluminium spool, rotor and frame made of
graphite, front drag, rear drag free spool system.
Comes with a spare spool.