Designed and constructed with high-quality materials and
workmanship, the Avocet II Silver Reel provides long life,
durability, and comfortable performance that will surpass
your expectations.  
Beginning with heavy duty metal gearing and a 5.2:1 gear
ratio, the Avocet II Silver is built for maximum durability. The
reel features a 4 bearing drive with instant anti-reverse for
exceptionally smooth operation with a dual bearing
supported pinion that ensures reliable gear alignment.
The reel's EZ Flow Balanced Rotor provides effortless
retrieve and thanks to a strong oversized NeverFail Bail
Spring System the reel offers consistent trouble-free action.
A Comfort Touch Handle Knob offers sure, non-slip
comfortable fishing and the oversized line roller significantly
reduces the risk of line twist.
Designed to make your time on the water enjoyable and
successful, the Avocet II Silver reel will give the fish
something to contend with. This model of the Avocet II
Silver reel has a line capacity of 4 pounds/100 yards,
weighs 6.9 ounces, and comes with a 1 year warranty from
•4 Bearing Drive with Instant Anti-
•Dual Bearing Supported Pinion
•Heavy Duty Metal Gearing
•EZ Flow Balanced Rotor
•Oversized NeverFail Bail Spring
•Comfort Touch Handle Knob
•Oversized Line Roller
•Bearings: 4
•Line Capacity: 4 pounds/100
•Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
•Weight: 6.9 ounces

Mitchell Fishing invented
the world's first spinning
reel in 1948. Today, they
remain dedicated to their
heritage of making reliable
fishing tackle that
performs flawlessly and
allows all anglers to
experience the joy of
Mitchell Avocet II Silver Spinning Reel pairs up outstanding
performance with BIG – TIME value! Packed with features
you might find on a reel 3 times the price! It’s not hard to
see how Mitchell Silver Spinners are some of the best-
selling reels on the market today.
Just check out these features: 4 ball bearings for smoother
casts and retrieves; EZ-flow balanced rotor helps haul in
the monsters; Heavy-duty metal gearing for added strength;
Dual-bearing supported pinion; Everlast spring system.    
Model No. AV-S1000R: 4 bearings; 5.2:1 gear ratio; 6 lb.
test / 110 yds. line capacity; Rear Drag; Model No. AV-
S2000R: 4 bearings; 5.2:1 gear ratio; 6 lb. test / 175 yds.
line capacity; Rear Drag; Mitchell Avocet II Silver Front
Drag Spinning Reel
Mitchell Avocet II Silver Spinning Reels provides long life,
durability and comfortable performance to anglers around
the world.
This generation of Avocet reels will surpass your
expectations. These reels are great for light to medium-light
duty freshwater fishing and are a fantastic value. The Rear
drag design gives the angler the ability to fine-tune the reel
to their individual needs and adapt to changing conditions
on the fly.
Mitchell Avocet II Silver AV-S1000R Front Drag Reel
The Avocet IV Silver reels feature the same components as
higher end reels but at a more affordable price. The dual
supported pinion ensures smooth operation and less
fatigue on your cranking hand.
The rear drag models come with an additional Rapid Drag
feature making it even easier to quickly ramp up or down
your drag setting. The Avocet Silver is the go to reel for
many anglers