If you’re in the market for a spinning reel that delivers
the kind of performance and reliability that most fishing
enthusiast are looking for at a fraction of the price, give
the Mitchell Avocet II Gold a spin and you’ll be glad that
you did on many levels

The Avocet II Gold spinning reel- A quality reel at a
fraction of the price

Charley Stull courtesy for fishmitchell.com

The Avocet II Gold boast a high-end quality feel to it
with its smooth operation and well-balanced 8 bearing
systems. Features such as 5.2:1 gear ratio and a
quality design that can be found in more expensive
reels are also included with the Mitchell Avocet II Gold.
Most of us older anglers who have been around fishing for a while know and can reflect on the Mitchell name
in fishing, referring to the old trusty Mitchell 300 that was your daddy’s reel from back in the day.

The Mitchell 300 was known for its simple but reliable performance and its durability. That’s why they were so
popular and why everyone had to own one.

In terms of matching the 300’s long-term durability against the Avocet II Gold, only time will tell. However,
considering the materials, components and heavy-duty features, you would think the Avocet II Gold would out
last the Mitchell 300 ten fold. Make no mistake about it, this is not your daddy’s reel; it’s a far cry better.

Mitchell also makes the Silver line of the Avocet II. The Avocet II Silver reels are the little brothers of the gold
models. They are similar but do not have quite the features of the gold.

For instance the silver models only have 4 bearings instead of 8 that the gold have, which has everything to
do with how smooth and well balanced the operation of the reel feels and performs.

The silver line however has the option of front or rear drag, where the gold models come only in front drag.
Rear drag allows for adapting to conditions on the fly and gives you the ability to fine-tune the reels to the
individuals needs.

The Avocet II Gold is designed to perform with reliability on a consistent level because of its durable operation
and its wear-with-all construction. Heavy-duty metal gearing for durable performance and dual bearing support
pinion allows for reliable gear alignment.

The strong oversized NeverFail™ bail spring system for consistent trouble-free action has a beefy look to it
and should inherently outlast normal sized bails seen on other makes of spinning reels.

The oversized line roller assists in the reduction of line twist and rounds out the heavy-duty features of this
spinning reel for years of steady and dependable use.

The Avocet II Gold incorporates some other important features that make it a quality reel such as a multi-disk
drags system for a consistently smooth and reliable drag operation so you can properly control that trophy fish
on the line.

The instant anti-reverse locks in the lines retrieved position without any tangle so you can concentrate on
fighting the fish. What gives this reel that feeling of quality and money well spent is the EZ flow balanced rotor
for an effortless retrieve and the Comfort Touch™ handle knob, giving you a sure grip and non-slip fishing.

Mitchell’s Gold series includes a spare spool so you can quickly change out line at will and allows you to
switch the sizes of lines should you decide to use different methods requiring a line change. All Mitchell reels
also allow for interchangeable left/right retrieve simply by switching crank handles to the side needed.

The most important and best attribute featured with the Avocet II Gold hands down is the 8 bearing system.
This is usually how a reel is gauged these days. The more bearings the reel incorporates, the better,
smoother and more costly the reel is.
Mitchell makes four models of Avocet II
Gold series, including:

AV-G500ULF 4/100 Line capacity (lbs/yds)

AV-G1000F 6/110 Line capacity (lbs/yds)

AV-G2000F 6/175 Line capacity (lbs/yds)

AV-F4000F 10/210 Line capacity (lbs/yds)
Mitchell Avocet II Gold Spinning Reels are designed to
be consistent performers with the reliable operation that
Mitchell enthusiasts expect. This series of Avocet reels
will surpass your expectations. These reels are great for
ultralight to medium duty freshwater fishing and are a
fantastic value.
Standard features of the Avocet II Gold
Spinning Reels include: •8 Bearing Drive
with Instant Anti-Reverse – for smooth
reliable operation
•Dual Bearing Supported Pinion – for reliable
gear alignment
•Heavy Duty Metal Gearing – for durable
•EZ Flow Balanced Rotor – for effortless
•Strong Oversized NeverFail Bail Spring
System – for consistent trouble-free action
•Comfort Touch Handle Knob – for sure, non-
slip fishing
•Oversized Line Roller – for reduced line twist
•Graphite Body, Sideplate, Rotor and Handle
- for lightweight durability
•Machined Aluminum Spool - for strength
•Spare graphite spool - for quick line changes
•Reversible right and left hand retrieve
Mitchel Avocet II Gold AV-G1000F  Spinning Reel