Family of free running spool reels.

The family provides high quality reels to cover
most of European free spool style of fishing:
Carp but also predator fishing such as zander,
pike and trout.

Delivered with one aluminium spool spooled
with size 0.28 mm brown monofilament line .
Ready to fish serie ideal for beginners in carp
and predator techniques.
Introduced last year into the Mitchell portfolio,
the Avocast has been a sensation! Built with a
long tapered spool for extreme casting, it is
helped with super slow oscillation so that line
lay is spot on! Add to this a quick drag system
and this reel is the complete article.
FEATURES: Solid bail lock for distance
casting • Large power handle to provide
winching power • Large tapered long cast
spool • Super slow oscillation for near perfect
line lay • Quick drag spool perfect for carp
FEATURES: Large diameter bail wire
• Awesome reels for fresh or
saltwater • Super slow oscillation •
Perfect line lay.
Carp anglers like to use Free Runner reels,
for important reasons. This new series is
based on famous Avocast reel which is a
success thanks to its great features where we
have added a perfect new free spool system.
The ultimate tool for the avid angler you are !
In addition of the 2 carp sizes, we have 2
smaller sizes which will be perfect for all
sensitive fishing techniques like coarse fishing
or sander fishing.

7 + 1 bearings including IAR
◾Double anodized Aluminum spool
with exclusive pattern
◾Slow oscillation system
◾Thick and resistant bail
◾Aluminum handle and comfortable
◾Innovative Bail Halo for superior
◾Extremely strong advanced
polymeric body
◾Spare spool available separately
Mitchell Avocast FS4000 Free Spool Reel