Mitchell® 310 Pro Series Spinning Reel
• 10 bearings with instant anti-
• Bail Halo for superior strength
• Strong advanced polymeric body
• Aluminum spool and handle with
EVA knob
• Smooth hybrid carbon fiber drag
The Mitchell 310 Pro Series Spinning Reel exemplifies
a heritage of innovation and advanced technology,
enhancing the joy of fishing through simple design,
user-friendly features and proven quality. The
advanced polymetric body is stronger than
conventional polymetric and graphite materials,
enabling this reel to withstand years of hard fishing. A
10-bearing system with instant anti-reverse ensures
immediate hooksets, and high-performance gearing
offers perfect gear mesh, smoothness and durability.
The multidisc drag system provides precise adjustment
and consistent performance. Bail Halo is designed for
increased strength, durability and reduction of line twist
to deliver flawless casts and retrieves. Sturdy
aluminum handle and spool.
Mitchell 310 Pro Series Spinning Reels merges the
tradition of the old with the materials, features, and
design on today, giving the angler a more comfortable,
dependable spinning reel. Mitchell has taken its
popular 300 series and elevated it to an all-new
performance level with the 300Pro.

300 Pro Series Spinning Reels are equipped with an
innovative bail halo, carbon hybrid drag, machined
aluminum spool, and handle to give this reel
high-performance features so that every angler can
fish like a pro. The all NEW 300Pro is a proud
evolution of the legendary and historic Mitchell 300
The Mitchell 310 Pro spinning reel follows in the
vaulted history of Mitchell quality, consistency, and
innovation, while adding a handful of modern
innovations to improve fishing performance even more.

The innovative composite Bail Halo completely
surrounds the rotor, giving the bail-support arm a fully
ringed shape instead of the typical crescent shape
seen on nearly every other spinning reel. and the
advanced polymeric body is stronger and lighter than
aluminum—but aluminum is still used where it's critical,
though, in the handle and the double-anodized spool.
The carbon fiber drag puts even pressure on fighting
fish, and the EVA handle knob is lightweight and
Drag:  The 310 PRO features a
satisfying drag for it's price range, but
in the grand scheme of things when
compared to all other reels out there it
does lack a bit of refinement. Starting
on a positive note, the drag kicks in
without any sign of start-up inertia,
except for just a hint around the
highest setting. This was a pleasant
surprise to me for a reel costing so
little. It's also pretty smooth across the
range of settings, and there's no abrupt
hesitation or jerky feeling. My
“unrefined” comment stems from the
fact that the drag exhibits a slight
bumpiness, most notable under
moderate to high drag settings. It's
enough to barely make the rod tip
pump a bit as line is being taken out,
but it's not the silky smoothness you'll
find with higher-priced reels. The drag
does make a very pleasant tone as a
fish runs. For the price, I don't think
you'll be disappointed in the least!
Ergonomics: Despite the polymeric body and porting,
the 310 PRO remains on the heavy side. Compared to
similarly-sized aluminum spinning reels the weight
difference is about an ounce or so on average, but
interestingly this reel is lighter than some other Pure
Fishing reels including all of the Abu Revo reels minus
the Premier. When you think about it the weight isn't
so bad once you realize how much less the Mitchell
costs than some of its rivals! Mitchell's Brand
Manager, Matt Kitchen, brought up a interesting point
during our dialogue that the reel sizing may throw
some people off when considering the weight since
the Mitchell 300 is comparable to a 40 or 4000 size
reel yet is occasionally referenced alongside 2500
Durability: A ton of time wasn't spent
with the Mitchell 310 PRO, but in my
experience with it I didn't see any
problems with durability. The drag
remained smooth and retained its
like-new consistency even after several
saltwater fishing trips and post-fishing
freshwater washdowns. The retrieve
also remained just as it was out of the
The inventors of the spinning reel, Mitchell Reels has
come a long way since they patented and began to
produce the first spinning reel in 1950. The new
Mitchell 310 PRO Spinning Reels isn’t your father’s
old Mitchell either. Loaded with high-performance
features and built with advanced materials, it blends
the best of new and old world technologies to create a
reel that is both incredibly smooth and powerful, and
also very well balanced.

Line Capacity:4/100
Braid Capacity:6/110
Ball Bearings:9+1
Max Drag:6.4 Lbs.
Reel Weight (oz):6.8