In 1948, we invented the modern spinning reel.  
We remain dedicated to our heritage of creating
trusted fishing reel parts. Rediscover Mitchell.
The modern iteration of the legendary Mitchell
308 spinning reel retains properties like durability,
reliability, and smoothness that it's famous for, in
a fully modernized package. The innovative
composite Bail Halo completely surrounds the
rotor, giving the bail-support arm a fully ringed
shape instead of the typical crescent shape seen
on nearly every other fishing reel. This adds
significantly to the strength of the assembly while
only increasing weight by a fraction of an ounce.
It also sports a machined, double-anodized
aluminum spool, 8 bearing system includes
instant anti-reverse, a powerful multi-disk drag
system, and an aluminum handle with a
co-molded knob.
•7 bearing plus instant anti
•Innovative Bail Halo
•Aluminum handle with co-
molded knob
•Multi-disk drag system
•Machined double anodized
aluminum spool
The first modern spinning reel was a
MITCHELL. With the introduction of the next
generation of MITCHELL 308 spinning reels, we
remain dedicated to our heritage of creating
trusted fishing repair parts and memories that
last a life time. With an innovative Bail Halo
design that provides superior line management
properties and unmatched strength, anglers
experience outstanding performance from the
legend of fishing reels.
◾Heavy duty metal body and
spool for terrific strength and
durability; it is built like a Sherman
◾Just push a button to release the
spool and remove it
◾Strong bail release and solid
spool clicker
◾Collapsible aluminum handle
with black bakelite knob
◾Vintage spinning reel Made in
This is a heavy duty spinning reel that can be
used for light to medium freshwater fishing for
bluegill, bass, catfish, crappie, stripers and trout.
You can fish 6 to 15 pound test line on this reel
and fish on the bank or in a boat. This heavy
duty fishing reel will also work great for trolling
for bass and trout. This is a very durable
spinning reel that will last you a lifetime.
Mitchell 308 Spinning Reel
Line Capacity:8/130
Braid Capacity:8/190
Ball Bearings:7+1
Max Drag:14 Lbs.
Recovery:27.0" Per Turn
Reel Weight (oz):9.0
Mitchell Spinning Reel Parts List