Marryat Light-Tech Reel
This amazingly Super Light-Weight Fly Reel is simply stunning
and practical too.

The Light-Tech reel comes in sizes 1, 2 and 3. And in black or
silver (both on a gold frame -see enlarged picture above).
Both the spool and the back of the frame are perferated to make
for the lightest reel possible. The spool width on all sizes is

Size 1 weighs - 84 grams
Size 2 weighs - 92 grams
Size 3 weighs - 99 grams

Size 1 has a 64mm wide reel housing and holds 28 yards of 20
lb. backing with a DT2F line.
12 yards if using DT3F.

Size 2 has a 70mm wide reel housing and holds 23 yards of 20
lb. backing with a DT4F line.
42 yards if using WF5F.

Size 3 has a 76mm wide reel housing and holds holds 20 yards
of 20 lb. backing with a DT5F line.
55 yards if using WF6F.

The Light-Tech Reel Brake Mechanism:
The one-way clutch brake has been incorporated into Marryat
Light-Tech reels to prevent the spool from turning in the reverse
direction. The tension to pull out the line from the reel varies
from user to user subtly. With our brake mechanism, the drag
can be adjusted to any desired strength. The tension becomes
stronger when turning the drag knob clockwise.
Marryat LTR2 Light-Tech Fly Reel
In regard to calculation it succeeds
in light weight conversion with the
drill which is calculated. It is at
LT-3TR size (frame diameter
76mm) what and 99g. Many of the
reel which presently is marketed
110g - 130g are standard.
The rim part of the frame which is
designed thick mountain stream to
be protects the mechanic from
impact of the tend inversion time
and the like. Because also the plate
of the spool contains deformation,
being able to meet, it could give
3mm thing thickness. As for these it
is the answering which is designed
on the basis of the result of being
calculated from all strength
Being to be contrary with, to make
lightly, it does, but because you
think that also it is important to
withstand heavy use.
With the compact which already
you know with the baby mallet very
light one-way clutch brake built-in.
Roll control severe spool was
made possible with this
mechanism. Being to be the result
also the drug adjustment knob
which is outside the frame of
seriously considering ease of use
largely it does.
The drug knob to consider operativity, the large size.
Furthermore it is effective at the stepless floor and width makes
exquisite control largely possible. Metal sound is played softly
and, with the spring & the Paul click which are installed in disk
mechanism in the compact.
Way to being in spool reel you understand with the
photograph, the frame and the spool mutually because of L
letter structure, it is the design which does not pass through
the thin tippet.
Modern feeling it is old, it came well and could point to the
fusion of age. But, production process being complicated,
because problem is easy to occur, with the modern reel the
method of making almost impossible, with the technology due
to the manual operation of the reel craftsman it solved.
Furthermore, adjusting to the taste, as for the color with the
gold rim the spool and the rear license plate black, similarly the
spool and the rear license plate we prepared 2 types of silver
with the gold rim.
Model: Size 2 (4/5wt)
Reel housing diameter: 2.76”
Width: 0.71” (18mm)
Line weight: #4 - #5
Line capacity:
DT4F + 23 yds 20 lb backing
WF5F + 42 yds 20 lb backing
Weight: 3.24 ounces (92 grams)