Marryat CMR #7/8 Fly Reel
The Marryat CMR is engineered and crafted in Switzerland
using the highest quality cold-forged aircraft grade aluminum
bar stock on the same machines and meeting the same exacting
tolerances (.0003) used in the Swiss watch industry. Which is
why the CMR gives such a smooth, durable action and superior
line capacity yet remains one of the lightest reels you can find

The CMR comes with an unlimited, lifetime warranty.
Reel Diameter
Line Weight
Line Capacity
When you handle this reel, you will know right away that it’s
something special a combination of classic looks with
contemporary materials and state-of-the-art machining

The CMR comes with an unlimited, lifetime warranty.

The Marryat CMR has all the features that today’s fly fisher is
looking for:
•renowned disc-brake system that can be set to exactly the
amount of drag you want.
•sealed drive cassette will never, ever, need maintenance.
•quick-change spool mechanism lets you change spools with
the flick of a finger.
•exposed palming rims to give the added control needed to land
even the most determined fish.
•anodized finish gold, bronze or black makes the CMR equally
at home in either saltwater or a chalkstream.
•choice of modes of sound settings click out / silent in, or
completely silent.
•Left or right-hand wind.
It has an adjustable brake fitted to the side
that's very smooth,and it can be turned to
suit left or right handed people and
takesonly a minute. It also has a quick
release spool.

A reel for the serious Trout/Fly fisherman
that wants a reel ofquality that will stand
the knocks and bumps that we tend to
givethem and one that won't let you down
when you need it most.

If you're in the market for a new fly reel
have a look at this oneand give it serious
Marryat CMR 78
7-8 weight
WF7F + 180m backing
Black, Gold and Bronze