Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special
Baitcasting Reel Model # TSP10SHC
The Lowdown Features on
the Tourney Special include a
Recurve handle and star drag
that are swept in for a lighter
feel. The frame is made out of
graphite, with a machined
aluminum spool. There are
five ball bearings, and the
gear ratio is 6.3:1. The reel
weighs 7.8 ounces and holds
120 yards of 12-pound-test.
Some of the same high-performance features the pros
use, but this one won?t break the bank! Features
include our Recurve handle and star drag that are
swept in for a lighter feel, a 10-position externally
adjustable magnetic brake system for virtually
backlash-free casting, and an eye-catching bright red
finish! Lightweight graphite frame with a
machined-aluminum spool, 5-bearing system including
Powerlock? instant anti-reverse. Convenient thumb bar
spool release. Reel model: TSP10HB. Drag power: 12
lbs. Weight: 7.8 oz. Line capacity: 12 lbs./120 yds. Line
Recovery: 28" per handle turn. Gear ratio: 6.3:1.
So much technology for such a great price! Sporting a
sleek and durable charcoal graphite finish, plus our
proven Smart Cast anti-backlash technology, the Bass
Pro Shops® Tourney Special Baitcast Reel features
both inner and outer centrifugal brake systems to give
you total control of the cast from beginning to end,
virtually eliminating backlashes. Features a graphite
frame; 5-bearing system; Powerlock™ instant anti-
reverse; Recurve handle; EVA knobs; recurve drag
star; forged, double-anodized-aluminum spool.
Smart Cast Dual Centrifugal Brake: tame the cast with
a turn of the dial. The biggest and best thing that’s ever
happened to our reels! Our truly revolutionary Smart
Cast Technology applies braking force outward at the
beginning of the cast, then inward at the end of the
cast, to control the two major backlash potentialities
common in other, inferior baitcast reels. We’ve preset
the Smart Cast system to the most commonly used
setting, but you can adjust it by simply removing the
sidecover and moving the braking pins. Fine tuning
within each of these settings is even easier—just turn
the external cast control to quickly dial in your perfect
cast! When properly tuned, the Smart Cast intuitively
senses the amount of braking needed to complete your
cast, applying or releasing pressure accordingly for
precise lure placement on every cast, with no overruns
to eat up your valuable fishing time.
•Smart Cast dual centrifugal
•5 bearing system includes
instant anti reverse
•Available in right or left hand
•Striking new black and silver
•Titanium nitride coated line
- Recurve handle and star drag with
a new lighter feel - Ten position
adjustable magnetic brake system
for backlash-free casting -
Lightweight graphite frame with an
aluminum spool - Five bearing
system including the patented
PowerlockTM instant anti-reverse -
Simple thumb-bar spool release -
Drag Power: 12 lbs. - Reel Weight:
7.8 oz. - Line Capacity: 12 lbs. / 120
yds. - Line Recovery: 28″ per
handle turn - Reel Gear ratio: 6.3:1
- See more at: http:
Line Capacity:12/130
Braid Capacity:30/185
Ball Bearings:4+1
Max Drag:12 Lbs.
Recovery:28.0" Per Turn
Reel Weight (oz):7.6