Alvey 475B Side Cast Reel
For Freshwater. 4″ diameter bakelite spool
with a stainless steel frame and backplate.
‘A’ models have no drag system and are
designed for palming the spool to put
pressure on the fish. There is a spool
tension adjustment and fish alert ratchet
clicker. Reel weight 13 1/2 oz. and
capacity for up to 400 yards of 8 lb. test
line. Matches with the Alvey AL500 rod or
any 5 to 8 foot spinning type rod.
Since 1920 Alvey Side Cast Reels have offered the angler
the efficiency and long distance casting of an open faced
spool with the simplicity and durability of a centerpin
revolving spool reel. Just turn the reel to face forward for
casting and back again for the retrieve. The large
diameter spools allow more line to fly off with each coil
with the minimum of friction. The revolving spool retrieve
provides the control and power to subdue even the largest
fish. Combine that with one of the smoothest large
diameter multi-disc drag systems available on the market,
or try it the more sporting way without a drag system. We
offer the reels both ways.
Always a contender for the world's
long-distance casting record, Alvey reels
cast like an open-face spinning reel, then
turn 90° for quick and easy retrieve. All
offer unbelievably long casts, fast
retrieves, a smooth disc drag, large
counter-balanced handle and a fiberglass
spool.Available:500/C5: Stainless steel
back, fiberglass spool, star drag with
multi-plate clutch. Uses: Light saltwater,
steelhead and salmon. 500/BCXL:
Graphite back, fiberglass spool, right- or
left-hand convertible, auto fish alert and
graduated lever drag. Uses: Light
line-casting. 550/C5: Stainless steel
back, large-capacity fiberglass spool,
multi-plate clutch with on/off lever and
fish alert ratchet. Uses: Heavy-duty surf,
pier and boat casting. 600, 650/BCXL:
Graphite back, fiberglass spool,
multi-plate clutch, graduated lever drag,
and on/off lever to disengage
anti-reverse. Uses: 600BCXL light-line
surfcasting and estuaries; 650BCXL light
to medium surfcasting. 650/C5: Stainless
steel back, fiberglass spool, multi-plate
clutch, star drag, on/off switch to
disengage anti-reverse and fish alert
ratchet. 700/C5: Stainless steel back,
fiberglass spool, multi-plate clutch, star
drag, on/off lever disengages the
anti-reverse and fish alert. Uses:
Medium- to heavy-duty surfcasting.
The Alvey family has produced
quality crafted fishing reels in
Australia since 1920. The
Alvey family still owns the
business and actively
participates in the manufacture
and designs of today's
extensive range of Alvey reels.
These are built to give anglers
the best value for money
tackle you can purchase.
Alvey Reels - Most Alvey reels use what is commonly
known as a sidecast fishing action which means the reel
is turned sideways to cast. Alvey’s unique sidecast
system is very easy to master, and once mastered you will
be casting like a champion. Alvey reels have the capability
of casting so far that the late Jack Alvey actually won a
long distance casting medal at the ‘International Casting
Dual ball bearings, graphite construction with Easy Cast
System for right or left hand operation makes this our
most popular float fishing reel. A spool lock device on the
back of the reel allows you to stop the ultra free running
spool turning when you are changing fishing locations or
when you have finished fishing for the day. The pressure
from a slow current movement on a float should be
enough to take line off a float fishing reel and our ball
bearing reels allow this to happen. A broad rounded lip
on the spool of the 475 reels allows fingertip control to
release or recover line and move your float. The handles
are usually only used when fighting and landing your fish.
spool diameter: 120mm (4 ¾”)
line capacity: 500m/4.5 kg
weight: 305g