Alutecnos Albacore 130 2S Reel

The Albacore "Two Speed" is nothing more than the natural
technological evolution of the "One Speed" model from which
it has inherited some particularly outstanding details that
have never been put to use in any other two speed lever
model reel. Take for example the "infinite antireverse"
system or the right flange made as a single component
through mechanical CNC processing and applied to all
models. The system used for engaging the "Two Speed"
utilizes a Two-Button gear change unit making gear changes
more rapid, simple and intuitive. As with the one speed
model is equipped with five protected stainless steel gear
wheel and gears and a drag washer made from the latest
carbon composite. These characteristics ensure long hours
of fighting while mantaining sound braking characteristics
and smooth reeling and eliminating the occurrence of
stick-slip. All the parts have been machined from a bar of a
special aluminium alloy specifically manufactured for marine
environments, using CNC working processes and subject to
rigorous dimensional checks.
Alutecnos 130 2 Speed Fishing Reel

What do you get when you combine the
world's finest craftsmanship and finest
materials? A functional work of art packed
with power and performance. Alutecnos are
the world's finest big game fishing reels.
These reels have proven themselves in the
offshore circles. Angler's the world over are
familiar with the Alutecnos brand.

The Alutecnos 130 2 Speed Fishing Reel is a
2 speed big game reel made for saltwater
deep sea big game fishing. It features 2
speeds, a high retrieve, and  low retrieve
capable of pulling big game fish that sound
from the depths. Alutecnos two speed
technology and effortless gear change during
the fight provides excellent performance, and
fish fighting capabilities. The 2nd speed
allows for less angler fatigue and a successful
end to a long fight
The Alutecnos Albacore big game fishing reel is available in either twin speed or single speed. Alutecnos and  
manufacturing process of Albacore reel stems from a  collaborative   effort   involving  all   of  the  staff  at  
Alutecnos.  A commitment aimed not only at improving the technological content, but also  at  paying  
attention  to  design.  The result  is a  product  that stands  out  for  aesthetic and  technical  aspects  with  
outstanding attention  to details.  Such details  include  the infinite  "anti reverse" system applied to trolling
reel  for the first time.  The frontal cam and lock release button for placing the automatically re arming  gear
lever into  "free"  or  "full"  mode.  Five  bearings  and   gears  made  from tempered    stainless    steel   
guarantee   further   resistance   from corrosion. The system for anchoring the reel to the rod is robust and
reliable using four anchor screws. The drag washer is made from the latest  carbon composite  and is  
appropriately  protected  to  ensure smooth  and  consistent  use during  the most  intense  battles,  the
occurrence of  "" is virtually eliminated. All of the aluminium parts   have   been   buffed   ultrasonically   
cleaned,   polished  and anodized  with  a gold finish.  All of  the parts  have  been  machined from  bars  
using  CNC  working   processes  and  are  subjected  to rigorous dimensional and quality control
checks.Particular  attention  is  paid to  processing  cycles and the careful selection of the highest  quality  of  
raw  materials  and  components  available.  The  results  in  a technically  perfect  product.
All the parts have been machined from a bar of a special
aluminum alloy specifically manufactured for marine
environments using CNC working processes and subject to
rigorous dimensional checks. Particular attention is paid to
careful selection of raw materials and components resulting
in the manufacturing of a technically perfect product.
All the aluminum parts have been carefully polished,
ultrasonically cleaned, buffed and provided with gold
anodizing. Elegant graphics are stamped onto reels using
laser technologies, rendering the design indelible over time.
Seven models are available from 30 to 130 lbs. The models
in 30, 50 and 80 lbs classes are available in standard and
wide versions while the 130 lbs model is only available in the
standard version.

Two Speed Albacore Reels Feature:
• Five Stainless Steel shielded bearings

• One free wheel bearing

• Drag in carbon composite

• Elements in AISI 316 Stainless Steel

• Elements in Anticorodal 6082 Aluminum

• Gear in Stainless Steel

• Drive lever with patented no-return system

• Drag lever with patented CAM mechanism

• Entirely CNC machined from bars

• Laser printed graphics
The Alutecnos Two Speed Albacore
reel is a highly refined trolling reel. All
shielded bearings. Carbon Composite
drag system. Watertight seals. Unique