Accurate DX2-600N Boss Dauntless
Two Speed Reel
The Boss Dauntless, DX2, was designed to follow in the steps of
its popular predecessor, the BX2 Boss Extreme.
This reel was conceived of all the same materials, lightweight
6061 T6 aircraft aluminum, 17-4 heat treated stainless steel
gears, and a larger 17-4 heated gear shaft for added torque. Twin
synced dogs for increased stopping power, and a backup ARB
bearing for piece of mind.
The Boss Dauntless is designed for everyday fishing needs
from trolling for pelagic species to tangling with denizens of the
deep. It is offered in 400, 500, and 600 sizes and works
excellent with today’s super braids.
If you are looking for the next best thing, definitely check out the
Dauntless. It’s the complete package.
• 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum
• 17-4 heat treated Stainless steel gears
• Larger 17-4 heat treated gear shaft for
increased torque
• Calibrated Lever drag for Accurate Drag
• Accurate 2-speed mechanism for solid
• Power arm and ergonomic handle for
power and comfort
• Anodized, Polished aluminum finished
for looks and corrosion resistance
The new Accurate Boss Dauntless 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels
are the next evolution of small, powerful fishing reels. The Boss
Dauntless reels are designed for anglers looking to target really
big fish with small, lightweight fishing reels. The Boss Dauntless
features a synced twin dog system with a backup anti-reverse
bearing so that when the reel is under heavy load, the
anti-reverse will never fail! Like all other Accurate's, these reels
are constructed of aircraft aluminum in the United States. They
feature a fantastic drag system that puts out 30+ lbs of drag at
max, six stainless steel ball bearings, strong heat treated
stainless steel gears and shaft, Accurate's fantastic lever drag
system, a two-speed mechanism and a great power handle. If
you are fishing for big fish, then the Accurate Boss Dauntless is
the way to go. They work great for inshore and nearshore
fishing too!

Accurate Boss Dauntless 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels are
available in several sizes. They are silver and have a really nice
knurled exterior that feels good in the palm of your hand!

Models: DX2-400N, DX2-400, DX2-500N, DX2-500,
DX2-600NN, DX2-600N, DX2-600
The Accurate Boss Dauntless DX2-400 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel has the exact same specs as the
DPX2-400 (Dawg reel). The differences are with features and the internals. These reels are designed to
catch really big fish. I mean really big fish. The type of fish that is going to put serious pressure on the reel.
One area of a reel that is historically a weak point is the anti-reverse. In the Dawg series, Accurate put three
dogs to combat this problem. With that system there is a little bit of play so to eliminate that they switched to
twin synced dogs with an anti-reverse bearing for backup in the Boss Dauntless. This is a superior system
and an anti-reverse failure is near impossible. Accurate also removed the cast control and added a cool
knurled design on both sides of the reel.
Accurate held nothing back when creating their newest offering, the Dauntless series of reels. Constructed
from premium materials including 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum, 17-4 heat treated stainless steel gears and a
larger 17-4 heat treated gear shaft which results in increased strength and unparalleled torque. Drag settings
are extremely precise as each reel is calibrated by Accurate themselves. Accurate fans will notice the
Dauntless reels feature a longer power arm and ergonomic handle - these two components offer incredible
power, yet the feel is very comfortable. Incorporating Accurate's 2-speed shift mechanism allows for solid
engagement through the fight. Equally effective for jigging or casting light live baits with the freespool
technique. The free spool is really something worth seeing - so smooth. If you're an experienced angler,
specifically well versed in the Accurate products, you'll be able to cast a mile with these reels.
•Patented TwinDrag™ System
•Six Class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings
•StainlessSteel Anti-Reverse Bearing
•Double Anti-Reverse Dawg system
•Greased AccuDrag system
•Stainless steel gears
•Boss reel bag
•One year warranty
•AccuCare Reel Service
•Proudly designed, manufactured and
assembled in the USA
The 2-speed models of reels are designed to fight fish that tend to dive deep straight under the boat during
the battle. The higher speed gear ratio is perfect for gaining line on fish as they make their runs. The benefits
of the 2-speed are most evident when fighting big game fish that fight deep and make long, vertical runs.
Anglers will use the higher speed reel to catch up to the fish and then switch over to the lower speed to power
up against fish when bringing it in.

When it comes to fishing for the biggest baddest fish in the sea many offshore anglers turn to Accurate. Known
for sheer power under pressure the Boss reels dole out plenty of torque and this season the company rolls out
a new model, meet the dauntless DX2 reels.The DX2 picks up right where the BX2 left off and is also built out
of lightweight 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. The guts of these new reels feature heat treated stainless steel
gears and a larger 17-4 heated gear shaft for even more torque. Twin synced dogs are included for increased
stopping power and each reel is also loaded with 6 ABEC-5 rated stainless steel bearings. The reel features a
larger stronger gear shaft for increased torque.

The Dauntless reels feature two speed mechanisms that deliver instant solid engagement and the lever drag
makes it easy to pre-calibrate for accurate settings. These reels are designed for everything from everyday
angling to trolling for pelagic species and deep water fishing. The Dauntless reels will be available in 400, 500
and 600 sizes and have plenty of capacity for super braids. These reels look sharp and like other Accurate
reels they feature a polished aluminum finish and are also anodized. The new DX2 reels will retail from
$629-$679 dollars dpeneding on size.