Our Boss Extreme TwinDrag reels offer fishermen the
ultimate in versatility. Light tackle anglers will love their effortless,
precision casting capabilities with exclusive AccuCast, and once
hooked up, the ease in which they can control the fight with a
responsive lever drag. Medium to heavy tackle anglers, on the
other hand, can crank down hard on the TwinDrag to battle the
largest game fish with heavy, braided lines. The exclusive
TwinDrag system also supplies ultra-smooth drag operation,
which results in fewer broken lines and less pulled hooks. With
fourteen Boss Magnum models to choose from, we have the
perfect size reel to handle small, medium and larger size game
fish from calico bass, halibut, redfish, bluefish, barracuda and king
mackerel to big striped bass, sturgeon, yellowtail, dorado,
amberjack, wahoo, tuna and billfish.

Accurate is proud to bring back the
original reel that started the Small
reel – Big Fish phenomenon, the
new and improved Boss Extreme
Series II 2 –speeds. Known for
taking on fish that have a nasty
disposition and putting their fair
share of fish on the deck, the BX2
Series II has been upgraded
internally, sporting a sexy, new look.
The BX2 Series II, like its
predecessor is made of T6 6061
aircraft aluminum that is lightweight
yet strong, and anodized for
ultimate corrosion resistance. It has
a large 17-4 heat - treated,
stainless steel gear shaft for power
and torque coupled with stainless
steel gears to wind through the
toughest fish during a heated battle.
Accurate reels like all mechanical products are designed with
specific use in mind. The BX and BX2 reels will handle most
gamefish but we do not recommend them for Cow fishing (Tuna in
Excess of 200Lbs). If you are looking for a reel for stopping fish in
excess of two hundred pounds the ATD series is designed for the
most extreme gamefish and angling conditions.
•AccuCast for enhanced
casting performance
•Responsive lever drag
•Patented TwinDrag™ System
•Seven Class 5 ABEC
stainless steel bearings
•Greased AccuDrag system
•Stainless steel gears
•Boss reel bag-Free from
manufacturer when warranty
card is completed and returned
•One year manufacturer
•AccuCare Reel Service
•Designed and Made in USA
Accurate BX Boss Extreme
Single-Speed TwinDrag Reels
are extremely well made.
These are the closest you are
going to get to hand made
fishing reels. Designed and
built in California to be the
best fishing reels on the
market, the single speed
models of the BX feature
Accurate's dual drag system
that provides twice the drag
with less side pressure, an
excellent lever drag system,
and built-in cast control. If you
have never fished an Accurate
reel before you should know
that these reels are made to
reel in big fish. You can use
these reels to fish inshore and
nearshore and have a lot of
fun but you need to test these
reels against a big fish to see
just how awesome they are!
Accurate BX Boss Extreme
Reels are built to be the best
and they don't disappoint.
Accurate Boss Extreme
Single-Speed Reels are
available in high and low gear
ratios in several sizes. Reels
are silver.
Models: BX-400N, BX-400XN,
BX-400, BX-400X, BX-500N,
BX-500XN, BX-500, BX-500X,
BX-600NN, BX-600XNN,
BX-600N, BX-600XN,
BX-600N, BX-600XN, BX-600,
BX-600X, BX-600W,
Accurate BX Boss BXL-600W Extreme Reel
The "BX2" Boss Extreme 2-Speed Reels are being introduced in 400
(40lb), 500 (50lb), and 600 (60lb) sizes to fit the needs of serious anglers.
The realization for anglers that there are smaller reels hitting the market
that will handle the abuse of big game fishing has been long overdue. With
the Patented TwinDrag feature and the new added features to the BX2
reels, Accurate have gotten as close to a "Dream come true" as you can
get. Accurate wants to build the products that exceed the standards set by
existing tackle and shoot for the next level not yet achieved. With this type
of commitment towards the future, Accurate aims to create products for
years to come that will land that next fish of a lifetime.
•Calibrated Lever Drag for Accurate drag setting
•New Two Speed Mechanism for solid engagement
•New Power handle for increased Comfort and Torque
•17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Gears and spool shaft
•Larger Gear Shaft
•Larger Anti Reverse Bearing

•Gear Ratio: 5:1 & 2.2:1
•Weight: 27 oz (0.74kg)
•Mono Line Capacity: 40lb/300yd's
•Spectra Line Capacity: 65lb/350yd's

The Accurate Triple Dawg reels were developed for a core group of
anglers looking for a specific reel design built on the function and design
of the old double dawg reels. Accurate took it one step further and put an
additional dawg in the design making it a triple dawg reel that sees one
dawg always engaged in the gear for maximum stopping power. With the
other two additional dawgs they offer anglers a double back up knowing
that if they see a problem in the first dawg’s connection on the gear there
are two more that will be ready to spring into gear for instant stopping
power. These dawgs are a solid piece of stainless steel that are
independent of any bearing function different from other reels on the
market, and are continuously engaged.  With today’s ever changing fishing
techniques pushing small reels – big fish philosophy these reels give those
anglers the piece of mind knowing the stopping power is there.