Accurate B-665HXN Boss Magnum
Twin Drag Reel
The Accurate Boss Magnum E Series Reels are an absolute
must for your tackle arsenal if you target Calico Bass,
Yellowtail, Dorado, Tuna, or Sailfish, Accurate Boss Magnum
Reels reels must be part of your tackle selection. Boss
Magnum Reels are the most technologically advanced reels
on the market.
Their unique design and superior quality offer light and
medium tackle anglers the capability of precision lure or bait
placement, plus smooth, effortless, all day casting ease
coupled with unmatched power. Accurate's exclusive Magnum
TwinDrag design results in equalized drag pressure on both
sides of the reel spool resulting in an ultra-smooth operating
drag system, for a superior fishing experience. The reels are
perfectly matched for the braided spectra lines when chasing
large fish with small reels.
We complete a year long test of the
Accurate Boss Magnum B197C and
B270C reels just as the company is
introducing the new BX series. These
reels may be from seasons past but
they still deliver exceptional
performance for anglers looking to take
on big species with small reels spooled
with superlines.
Patented TwinDrag™ System, Seven
Class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings,
Titanium friction washers, Stainless
steel gears, Dry AccuDrag system, Boss
reel bag, One year warranty, AccuCare
Reel Service, Proudly designed,
manufactured and assembled in the
USA, Left-handed models available
upon request
Accurate started out over five decades ago as “Accurate
Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation” which
manufactured jet turbine engine components. It was from
these roots that Accurate Fishing Products was launched in
1990 as a division of the company. Drawing from the
company’s experience making aerospace components for
both commercial and military aircraft the new fishing reel
division adopted the same precision-minded, high-tech, spare-
no-cost orientation in the design of not reels but fishing gaffs.
Boss Magnum E-Series reels have been
popular reels for anglers looking for a
premium small reel that delivers plenty
of muscle to handle surprisingly big fish.
Accurate has refreshed their lineup
recently and the E-Series reels are now
replaced with Boss BX reels rather than
Boss Magnum E-Series reels.
Both the 197 and 270 reels have the same basic design but
the 197 has a narrower frame. Both reels are offered in a
“XC” version which ups the gear ratio from the standard 4:1
power ratio to a brisk 6:1. Each of the reels comes with 5+2
bearings (class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings). These
reels are designed for everything from calico bass to jacks
and even smaller tuna. These medium tackle reels are also
good for superline fishing for big game and feature the
company’s AccuCast system and Magnum TwinDrag to step
up to the challenge of big fish on lighter lines.
The reels both look extremely solid and
it is immediately obvious the frames are
machined from a solid block of
aluminum as the reel is devoid of sharp
edges, or a separate sideplate for that
matter, on the non-handle side. There
is a reason why saltwater aficionados
are fans of these reels as each one
exhibits a fluid form and looks powerful
just resting on top of a collector’s
When it comes to weight these reels are no lightweights,
they are built like tanks and the B-197C weighs 18oz. and
the B-270C weighs 2oz. more. These reels are comfortable
to hold and the smooth edges of the reels actually make it
possible to comfortably palm the reels when fishing lighter
The reels are also available with a variety of handle choices
ranging from ball handles to ergonomic rubber handles. The
ball handle looks phenomenal and the workmanship matches
the frame of these reels. The ball handle is machined hollow
and is further ported for balance and weight reduction. The
ergonomic rubber handle is more comfortable to grip but
doesn’t look anywhere as cool. Both handles are bearing
supported and spin freely, aiding in a smooth crank of the
handle with each rotation.
These reels are extremely well built and inspire confidence to
handle fish much bigger than you would expect to be able to
target with a reel of this size. One of the reasons why the
reels are able to step up to the challenge of big game is
because of the excellent drag system. The 197C is an
excellent reel for anglers that are light tackle enthusiasts and
can be used with 15lb mono or a combination of 200yds. of
spectra topshot with a 50 yd. fluorocarbon or mono leader. If
you’re looking to fish smaller irons, swimbaits or natural live
baits this is the reel of choice.
While I like the ergonomics of the 197C
better there are times when just a little
more capacity is necessary for thicker
diameter line. The 270C is able to hold
300yds. of 20lb. line and is a good reel
for plugs and larger artificial baits as
well as natural bait. Both of these reels
can be found for slightly cheaper than
they originally debuted at because
they have been put on clearance to
make way for the BX2 reels. There is
nothing wrong with this original series
and we found that we could quite
easily push them beyond their rated
specifications in most categories.
There have been reports to some e-
tailers that these reels while reliable
have been somewhat finicky in the
field and require tuning after prolonged
use, we didn’t experience this over the
course of the year with either of our
two test reels, and they continue to pull
duty on our test rigs