The new more compact and ergonomic Silver Max™
places performance at your finger tips with a five
bearing system with an additional instant anti-reverse
bearing to ensure smooth retrieves. The upgraded
design includes a light weight graphite frame and
side plate in addition to the signature MagTrax™
brake system that provides precise cast control.  
Performance and toughness are hallmarks of the
Max family, and the flipping switch included on this
reel provides a swift means for casting jigs and
plastics with just a touch of the thumb.
•5 stainless steel ball bearings + 1
roller bearing provides smooth
•Machined aluminum spool
provides strength without adding
excess weight
•PowerDisk™ drag system gives
smooth drag performance
•Duragear™ brass gear for
extended gear life
•MagTrax™ brake system gives
consistent brake pressure
throughout the cast
•Compact bent handle and star
provide a more ergonomic design
•Recessed reel foot allows for a
more ergonomic reel design
•One piece graphite frame
•Graphite sideplates
Lightweight, powerful, and precisely designed, this
attractive and affordable Abu Garcia® Silver Max™
Low-Profile Baitcast Reel gives you everything you
need, including a handy flipping switch so you can
make quick short casts to cover. Other features
include five Ball Bearings plus Instant Anti-
Reverse™ bearing, graphite frame and sideplates,
Power Disk™ drag system, Duragear™ brass gears,
and MagTrax™ brake system.
The Abu Garcia Low-Profile Baitcast Reel offers a
durable, reliable and powerful tool for the avid fishing
enthusiast. This Abu Garcia silver Max reel features
five stainless steel ball bearings coupled with a
single roller bearing that works to provide smooth,
efficient operation. A machined aluminum spool helps
to provide this Abu Garcia fishing reel with enhanced
strength and durability, but adds only minimal weight
for more comfortable long term usage. Additionally,
this Abu Garcia fishing reel comes equipped with a
Power Disk drag system that offers smooth drag
performance, as well as a duragear brass gear that
provides a more durable, resilient and long-lived
gear. A MagTrax break system gives consistent
break pressure for the entire duration of the cast,
providing even greater smoothness and control
Any angler would tell you that weight matters
whenever you are about to select a good baitcasting
reel. If you were to browse through any Abu Garcia
Silver Max review, you would notice at least one
thing in common: the reels are featured as being
extremely lightweight. The reality is that most anglers
and other fishing enthusiasts prefer holding their
fishing rods throughout most of their expedition, and
light-weight reels do just the right trick.
Nothing beats a super–light weight
reel that is backed by extreme
durability. The type of materials
used for the construction of your
baitcast reel should be able to
stand up to the tensions and
challenges of fishing, as well as
the conditions of the environment.
Materials, such as aluminum and
graphite, withstand corrosion and
are ideal for reels.
At the end of the day we are all
humans, and so products must
always be designed to optimize
functionality based upon our
physical characteristics. A good
fishing reel must be designed in
such a way so as to be
considered extremely user-
friendly. The Abu Garcia Silver
Max is, par excellence, one of the
most “complete” fishing reels out
there, and it carries a bit of all of
the above features.
This state-of-the-art fishing reel is a super
lightweight treasure, thanks to its overall graphite
construction. It also features a 5 + 1 stainless steel
ball bearing system that promotes an ergonomic feel,
while ensuring long lasting duty. Another feature that
truly stands out in this magnificent piece is the
presence of a MagTrax brake system, designed to
give avid anglers full casting control. The MagTrax
brake system also reduces the constant thumb use
and associated fatigue, and adds further precision to
the baitcasting process.

When casting plastics and jigs, the process becomes
a whole lot easier, thanks to the in- built “flipping
switch” mechanism that allows anglers and other
fishing enthusiasts to quickly cast their lines with
simply a touch of the button. Customers can now
enjoy huge discounts on this baitcaster reel, since it
is currently listed at a significantly reduced price
range. Be sure to secure yours today while supplies