Line Capacity:14/200
Braid Capacity:30/250
Ball Bearings:7
Max Drag:22 Lbs.
Recovery:30.9" Per Turn
Reel Weight (oz):10.9
The Abu Garcia® Revo® Toro™ NaCl Baitcasting Reel is a
compact, high-capacity powerhouse that’s built to withstand
the rigors of hardcore inshore saltwater fishing. The X2-Cräftic
alloy frame and sideplate are specially designed to resist
saltwater corrosion. Other rock-solid components include a
Carbon Matrix™ drag system with 22 lbs. of max drag
pressure; a 7-bearing system with stainless steel HPCR™
bearings and roller bearing; aircraft-grade aluminum spool;
Sealed Centrifugal brake system; Duragear™ brass gearing;
lube port for easy access maintenance; and synchronized level
wind system. A Ti-coated line guide reduces friction and
improves durability. An extended bent handle with power
knobs provides increased cranking power. X2-Cräftic™ alloy
frame and sideplate
•6 stainless steel HPCR bearings
+ 1 roller bearing
•Carbon Matrix drag system
•Aircraft grade aluminum spool
•Sealed Centrifugal brake system
•Duragear brass gearing
•Lube port for easy access
•Synchronized level wind system
•Ti-coated line guide
•50 size: 2-knob extended bent
handle, single extended bent
handle with power knobs
•60 size: single extended bent
handle, 2-knob extended bent
handle with power knob
The Revo® Toro NaCl™ takes corrosion protection to the next
level with a high line capacity in an ergonomic low profile
design. Named for salt (NaCl), it features frame and handle
side sideplate that are constructed of X2- Cräftic™ alloy giving
the reel added stability in saltwater and the durability needed
whether you target big reds or Calico bass on the west coast.
Additionally the reel is perfectly suited for large freshwater
species like Muskie.  Six stainless steel High Performance
Corrosion Resistant (HPCR®) bearings plus a roller bearing
provide ensure corrosion protection for smooth operation on
the water. A powerful Carbon Matrix™ drag system provides
22lbs of fish stopping power.  Both the 50 and 60 size reels
come with a single extended power handle with an extra-large
round EVA knob and extended dual power handle with two
large round EVA knobs. Both high capacity low profile reels
hold approximately the same amount of line as a 5000 and
6000 size round reel respectively.
The Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl Low Profile Baitcasting
Reels are designed specifically for saltwater fishing. Saltwater
anglers generally want three things; powerful drag, light in
weight, and corrosion resistant. The Revo Toro NaCl has all
three and more! With its carbon matrix drag, the NaCl puts out
up to 22 lbs of drag so you will be able to slow any fish that
starts to run. The X2-Craftic Alloy frame is extremely
lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant. The Revo Toro
NaCl is also great for casting. It includes a sealed centrifugal
brake that is highly adjustable and will help you make longer,
more accurate casts. These baitcasters also hold a lot of
braid, which allows you to use it to fish for a wide variety of
species in a lot of different situations. These baitcasting reels
come with both a double paddle handle and a power handle in
the box. If you are a saltwater angler looking for a lightweight
reel that you can fish with all day without getting tired and that
can tackle any inshore species then definitely check out the
Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl. It is the future of saltwater