The new Revo® S enhances cutting edge technology and
functionality with a more compact and ergonomic design
that is 15% lighter than the previous model. With a new
white look, the Revo S frame is constructed of X2- Cräftic™
alloy for added corrosion protection.  Other features include
seven stainless steel ball bearings plus one roller bearing,
an improved D2 Gear Design™ for more efficient cranking
power and the reliable Carbon Matrix™ drag system for
smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag
range.  The Pitch Centrifugal brake utilizes, 6 brake blocks
(3 spring loaded and 3 non spring loaded). The spring
loaded brake blocks act only when the spool is under high
revolution (1st part of the cast) and will then disengage to
give maximum distance. The non spring loaded brake
blocks act on the entire cast to give maximum control
throughout the cast.
•7 stainless steel ball bearings + 1
roller bearing provides smooth
•X2-Cräftic™ alloy frame for
increased corrosion resistance
•Carbon Matrix™ drag system
provides smooth, consistent drag
pressure across the entire drag
•Pitch centrifugal brake system
•D2 Gear Design™ provides a
more efficient gear system while
improving gear durability
•Compact bent handle and star
provide a more ergonomic design
At 6.35 ounces, this reel is the absolute lightest
aluminum-frame baitcaster in its class! Unbelievably tough,
precise, and easy to handle, the Abu Garcia Revo Premier
Low Profile Baitcast Reel features a rugged 1-piece
aluminum frame and side-plate, an aircraft-grade Infinity II
spool for long, accurate casts, a six-bearing system with
superior HPCR ball bearings for heavy loads and harsh
environments, Linear Magnetic Brake, and the proven
Carbon Matrix Drag System.
X-Cräftic™ aluminum alloy frame and sideplate Eight
stainless steel ball bearings + one corrosion-resistant roller
bearing Carbon Matrix Drag™ system generates up to 24
lbs. of drag Duragear™ brass gear Oversized main gear A
revolution in low profile reels, Abu Garcia has lowered the
profile while increasing performance on their toughest low-
profile reel to date! The Abu Garcia Revo S features
precision machined Duragear brass gears with an
oversized main gear housed within an aluminum frame.
This gear configuration makes the reel smooth and reliable
while increasing its overall strength and durability. The
Carbon Matrix Drag system is constantly smooth across all
drag settings, and the shielded stainless steel bearings
plus corrosion-resistant roller and spool bearings provide
ultra smooth casting and retrieve with life-long
performance. The six-pin centrifugal brake aids in
controlling casts in varying fishing conditions. Be a part of
the revolution and try a Revo S today.
Low profile baitcast reels provide
unparalleled comfort in an
ergonomic low profile design that
conforms to your hand. Designed
for power fishing, and aggressive
techniques, these reels allow for
pinpoint accuracy while
maintaining the longer distances
required by experienced anglers.