Conventional reels are often used for trolling,
bottom fishing, and techniques suited to
fishing large fresh and saltwater species.
Enter the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur CS Pro
Rocket baitcast reel, an international
bestseller designed for super-long castability.
The reel features a synchronized level-wind
system that encourages an even line lay,
along with a Carbon Matrix drag system
that's tough yet smooth. The CS Pro Rocket
is also built to last, with two shielded
stainless-steel bearings, precision brass
gears, and a corrosion-resistant instant
anti-reverse bearing. And appropriately for a
long caster, the reel holds extra-long lengths
of braided or mono line.

•Gear ratio: 4.1:1
•Inches per turn: 22
•Retrieve speed: Standard
•Spool capacity (mono): 17
pounds/325 yards
•Spool capacity (braid): 30
pounds/630 yards
•Hand retrieve: Right
•Max drag: 17 pounds
•Weight: 21 ounces
Originally a watch factory, Abu Garcia was
founded in Svangsta, Sweden, near the
Morrum River in 1921. Founder Carl August
Borgstrom was a clever craftsman with a
talent for light precision engineering. The
company originally manufactured pocket
watches, telephone timers, and taxi meters
until World War II, when the demand for taxi
meters sharply declined. Undaunted, Abu
Garcia redirected its skills toward the
development of precision fishing reels,
eventually receiving the honor of being
chosen "Purveyor to the Royal Swedish
Court"--a distinction bestowed upon a select
group of manufacturers who consistently
exceeded the court's high standards of
quality and craftsmanship. Abu Garcia
remains firmly committed to maintaining its
industry leadership position by providing
anglers everywhere with the highest-quality,
most-innovative products.
Conventional baitcast reel
suited to extra-long casts
•Synchronized level-wind
system encourages even line
•Ultra-smooth and durable
Carbon Matrix drag system
•2 shielded stainless-steel
bearings and precision brass
•Extra-large mono and braided
spool capacity; weighs 21
The ambassadeur® CS Pro Rocket is an
international best seller. Engineered for super
long castability, this model also features a
synchronized level wind system for even line
lay. The Carbon Matrix™ Drag system
included in this reel is our strongest and most
durable drag system available. The updated
extended bend handle with power knob gives
anglers an edge by increasing torque and
aligning the cranking hand closer to the reel
for more efficient fighting power. Durable
components including 2 stainless steel ball
bearings + 1 roller bearing, a Duragear™
brass gear for extended gear life and a
corrosion resistant instant anti-reverse
bearing ensure dependability for the long
•2 stainless steel ball bearings
+ 1 roller bearing provides
smooth operation
•Duragear™ brass gear for
extended gear life
•Carbon Matrix™ drag system
provides smooth, consistent
drag pressure across the
entire drag range
•4 pin centrifugal brake gives
consistent brake pressure
throughout the cast
•Extended bent handle with
power knobs for increased
cranking power
•Synchronized level wind
system improves line lay and
•Corrosion resistant instant
anti reverse bearing provides
greater protection  
Abu Garcia CS-7000 Ambassadeur
CS Pro Rocket Baitcasting Reel