A true value in Abu Garcia reels, the new more compact
Black Max™ includes a smooth retrieve 4+1 bearing system
with durability to stand up to the max limits of hard core
fishing. The lightweight graphite frame and body tip the
scales at a mere 7.9 ounces.  Performance and toughness
are hallmarks of the Max family. Additionally the compact bent
handle and star provide a more ergonomic feel during
•4 stainless steel ball bearings +
1 roller bearing provides smooth
•Machined aluminum spool
provides strength without adding
excess weight
•PowerDisk™ drag system gives
smooth drag performance
•Duragear™ brass gear for
extended gear life
•MagTrax™ brake system gives
consistent brake pressure
throughout the cast
•Compact bent handle and star
provide a more ergonomic design
•Recessed reel foot allows for a
more ergonomic reel design
•One piece graphite frame
•Graphite sideplates
Abu Garcia Black Max Low-Profile Baitcast Reel
The Abu Garcia Black Max Low-Profile Baitcast Reel is a
powerful and reliable addition to the avid fisherman's tool set.
This Low-Profile Baitcast Reel is crafted using four
stainless-steel ball bearings, as well as one roller bearing,
providing smooth operation. A machined double-anodized
aluminum spool provides extra strength, but does not add
extra weight, providing a powerful but compact reel. A power
disk drag system gives smooth drag performance, while a
Duragear brass gear helps ensure extended gear life. The
Abu Garcia Black Max Reel is also equipped with a MagTrax
brake system for consistent break pressure, and a recessed
reel foot with compact bent-handle and star, providing a more
ergonomic design. This compact reel is crafted from
lightweight, 1-piece graphite.
Belonging to the Max family of reels, the Abu Garcia Black
Max is built for performance, longevity and durability. Also,
the star and the compact handle provide great ergonomics
while retrieving hard-fighting fish. It is competitively priced
with all the right features like 4 steel bearings, light weight
aluminum spool, DuraGear, MagTrax, etc.
It has a spool capacity of 12
lbs/145 yards. It might be hard to
keep hooked to something that
weighs more than 15 lbs more
than a mile away, but you can
still reel in some of the gamiest
fish with this reel which has
excellent line capacity and is
extremely robust.
The Power Disk drag system provides excellent performance
and drag throughout the line. The reel has a maximum drag
of 15 lbs like many other mid-range reels in the market. The
drag system coupled with the Max Trax Brake system
provides good cast control after the hook-up giving a steady
brake pressure throughout the cast.
The baitcasting reel has a standard retrieval rate and has a
well suited gear ratio of 6:4:1. It is pretty easy to adjust and
the bait could be cast far away when set at 10-12lb mono.
There is surely a learning curve with this reel especially if
you have not used a similar reel in the past.

If you are just beginning, you should probably tighten up the
brakes a little more than recommended to avoid backlashes.
Of course you will only be able to cover a small distance,
but once you get more used to the reel, you can reduce the
tension and cover greater distances.
The reel is equipped with 2
brakes – one is the Magrax
magnetic brake for fine tuning
and the other could be adjusted
with the help of the speel
tension knob. If you are new to
baitcasting models and find it
hard to use this type of reel, you
should also take a look at some
casting demo videos.
If you are an experienced fisher, you will know how much
comfort a light reel can provide over
Abu-Garcia-Black-Max-3areels which use steel frame.
Thanks to the graphite sideplates and frames the reel is
ultra-light to provide maximum control and comfort during
retrieval and weighs only 7.9 ounces.

No matter how much you abuse the Abu Garcia Black Max,
it will be intact and strong from many years. It might
sometime feel like the reel has a gritty feel but it can help
you cast and hook a fish that is even a mile away. It
smoother, feels better in hand while retrieving and the
performance will ensure that you will carry it with you on all
your fishing trips.