Line Capacity:12/160
Braid Capacity:30/155
Ball Bearings:5
Max Drag:15 Lbs.
Reel Weight (oz):9.3
Built on the rock-solid fundamentals that have made
this series so popular, the new C4 focuses on
improved casting performance, while still maintaining
the same durability and dependability that has made
it legendary. This Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® C4
Classic Round Baitcast Reel retains its proven,
bulletproof power and performance—and
incorporates carefully considered touches that make
it stronger, lighter, more efficient, and smoother. The
benefits of this model include a 25% lighter spool
design, a 65% lighter aluminum line guide, a bent
star and handle for more efficient retrieves and more
manageable fish fights. The Duragear 2 brass
gearing adds even more durability to a reel that is
already virtually indestructible, and the ever popular
6.4:1 gear ratio, linked to the more efficient bent
handle and drag star, lets you muscle in the biggest
scaly warriors. Appropriate for a huge variety of
gamefish, including bass, striper, catfish, walleye,
pike, muskie, lake trout, salmon, snook, redfish, and
•The smoothest-casting C4
•Lightweight spool design
(25% lighter)
•Aluminum line guide ( 65%
•New bent star and handle
•New sideplate design
•Carbon Matrix Drag™ System
•6-pin centrifugal brake
•Smooth 5-bearing system
•Instant Anti-Reverse™
•Synchronized levelwind
•Duragear 2 brass gear
•6.3:1 gear ratio
The tradition continues. With silky-smooth operation
and power to spare, the new line of C4 round reels
embodies trusted durability and engineering that
generations of anglers have come to expect.
•4 stainless steel ball bearings
+ 1 roller bearing provides
smooth operation
•Carbon Matrix™ drag system
gives smooth drag
•Compact bent handle and
star provide a more ergonomic
•6 pin centrifugal brake gives
consistent brake pressure
throughout the cast
•Synchronized level wind
system improves line lay and
•Duragear 2 gear system
provides increased gear
strength for all fishing
Perfect for the quick retrieve, the Abu Garcia
Ambassadeur C4 baitcast round reel is a favorite of
anglers across the globe. The C4 features a
super-smooth high-speed retrieve with a blazing
6.3:1 gear ratio and four stainless-steel ball
bearings. As a result, you can set the hook with
confidence knowing that the instant anti-reverse
bearing will allow for hard sets. The reel also
includes such features as a six-pin centrifugal brake,
an ultra-smooth Carbon Matrix drag system, and a
chemical nickel-coated level-wind system. This
version of the C4 offers a left-hand retrieve.
Originally a watch factory, Abu Garcia was founded
in Svangsta, Sweden, near the Morrum River in
1921. Founder Carl August Borgstrom was a clever
craftsman with a talent for light precision engineering.
The company originally manufactured pocket
watches, telephone timers, and taxi meters until
World War II, when the demand for taxi meters
sharply declined. Undaunted, Abu Garcia redirected
its skills toward the development of precision fishing
reels, eventually receiving the honor of being chosen
"Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court"--a distinction
bestowed upon a select group of manufacturers who
consistently exceeded the court's high standards of
quality and craftsmanship. Abu Garcia remains firmly
committed to maintaining its industry leadership
position by providing anglers everywhere with the
highest-quality, most-innovative products.

The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur
C4 Round Baitcasting Reels
are made with silky smooth
operation and power to spare.
These reels by Abu Garcia are
made with the trusted
durability and engineering that
generations of anglers have to
come to expect from this brand
of baitcasting reels.
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4-4600 Round
Baitcasting Reel
The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Round Baitcasting
Reels have been redesigned for 2013. The new C4s
are much smoother than the previous model and
perform really well in freshwater and saltwater
situations. The new Ambassadeur C4 features
aluminum construction, five ball bearings, a carbon
matrix drag system for smooth, consistent drag, a six
pin centrifugal brake system and the Duragear 2 gear
system which provides increased gear strength. The
C4 has a high 6.3:1 gear ratio and is a great casting
reel. Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and
has a nice thumb bar and levelwind system. An Abu
Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Round Baitcasting Reel is
the type of fishing reel that will last you a lifetime.
Take care of it on land and it will take care of you on
the water!