Abu Garcia 5500LC Ambassadeur Line
Counter Baitcasting Reel
The palmable line counter that counts in feet. The
Abu Garcia Line Counter reel feattures the Abu
Garcia Carbon Matrix Drag system, corrosion
resistant instant reverse bearing and a line out
alarm to make your trolling more precise.
The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Line Counter
Baitcasting Reels are great! These round
baitcasters feature a line counter for checking
your depth. They feature three stainless steel ball
bearings which makes them very smooth, a
carbon matrix drag system which produces a
strong yet smooth drag, and a synchronized
levelwind. Use the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Line
Counter Baitcasting Reel for casting, bottom
fishing, trolling and with a downrigger. They work
great in freshwater and saltwater!

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Line Counter
Baitcasting Reels are made in Sweden and they
are available in two sizes.
The Abu Garcia Linecounter Round Baitcast Reel
features a synchronized levelwind system as well
as the smooth pulling Carbon Matrix drag system.
This reel is constructed with two shielded
stainless steel ball bearings and an instant
anti-reverse bearing for solid hook sets. Easy to
use, the Abu Garcia baitcaster offers you a
functional and durable design with a power
handle, and it also comes complete with a line
counter that counts in feet and a line-out alarm.
These ultra-smooth and accurate
Ambassadeur® Line Counter Reels
from Abu Garcia® are built for trolling
and tangling with the big boys.
Featuring a palmable line counter
that counts in feet and a line-out
system to alert you when your line is
being stripped, these Ambassadeur
Line Counter Reels are equipped
with an aluminum spool, two stainless
steel ball bearing plus a corrosion
resistant instant anti-reverse bearing
and Abu Garcia's Carbon Matrix
drag™ system. Model 6500LC is
outfitted with a power handle to
maximize your cranking power.
•2 stainless steel ball bearings
•Corrosion resistant instant
anti-reverse bearing
•Carbon Matrix drag system
•Line-out system
•Palm-able line counter that
counts in feet
Line Capacity:12/205
Braid Capacity:30/630
Ball Bearings:2
Max Drag:15 Lbs.
Recovery:25.5" Per Turn
Reel Weight (oz):11.3
Abu-Garcia®'s legendary Ambassadeur® family
of high-performance reels now includes this all
new line counter reel engineered to tackle a wide
range of trolling applications. The highly accurate
and easy-to-read line counter displays how much
line you have out in feet. Plus a line-out alarm
informs you when line is being peeled from the
reel. The Carbon Matrix™ drag provides a wide
range of settings with ultra-smooth drag
performance. Also includes Abu Garcia's six-pin
centrifugal braking system.
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