•2 stainless steel ball bearings
+ 1 roller bearing provides
smooth operation
•Carbon Matrix™ drag system
provides smooth, consistent
drag pressure across the
entire drag range
•Anti Distortion Spool design
for extreme loads
•Duragear™ brass gear for
extended gear life
•Synchronized level wind
system improves line lay and
•Power handle
These are Big Game reels for catching much larger
fish. Built to take the roughest punishment from the
toughest fish in fresh or salt water! From the
undestructable aluminum frame and spool to
Swedish-cut brass gears and a multi-disc drag system,
the Big Game Series lives up to its name.
With more strength and features than ever before,
the Abu Garcia Big Game features synchronized
levelwind system and the Carbon MatrixTM drag
system for a smooth pull even when fighting large
game species. The reel is built to last with two
shielded stainless steel ball bearings, precision brass
gears, and a corrosion resistant instant anti- reverse
With high-performing Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur®
Big Game fishing reel parts are ideal for battling the
top of the food chain, and they're loaded with more
power and features than ever! Beefed up big time,
these workhorses are equipped with a synchronized
levelwind, a tough aluminum spool, Carbon Matrix™
Drag system delivers minimal start-up friction,
smooth brass gears, clicker, 2 shielded stainless
steel ball bearings (on model 7000iHSN only) and
corrosion-resistant instant anti-reverse bearing.
Abu Garcia
Ambassadeur Big Game Baitcasting Reel
Model #  10000I
Line Capacity:20/430
Braid Capacity:30/1000
Ball Bearings:2+1
Max Drag:20 Lbs.
Reel Weight (oz):26.2
•High-performing Abu Garcia
fishing reel parts ideal for
battling the top of the food
•Aluminum spool
•Smooth brass gears
•Corrosion-resistnat instant
Abu Garcia reel parts list