Reel frame, spool, drag knob
and foot
Made of 6061-T651 cold
finished Aerospace grade

Internally adjustable pawl click
drag made from 303
heat-treated stainless steel is
locked in place by two small
hex cam nuts and a spring

To adjust the incoming or
outgoing tension, rotate the
fully enclosed hex nuts with
your fingertip

Standard arbor design

All reels available with solid
frame or classic round
ventilation holes
Abel Trout Reel Features:

•The Abel Trout Reel was originally designed in
1992, reintroduced in 2008.
•Internally adjustable pawl click drag made from
303 heat treated stainless steel is locked in place
by two small hex cam nuts and a spring retainer.
•To adjust the incoming or outgoing tension, simply
rotate the fully enclosed hex nuts with your fingertip.
•Standard arbor design.
•Classic round ventilation holes.
•All reels available with a solid frame.
•Made in the USA.
Abel fly reels have always been listed among the best fly
fishing reels on the market. The super-smooth click drag
systems won't let you down whether you are fishing big
trout on light leaders in the Missouri River or fly fishing for
trout on a quiet Midwestern trout stream.
Abel's classic Trout Series features reels made with fully
machined frames and an adjustable stainless steel
click-pawl drag mechanism for a simple, classy, no-fail trout
Established in 1987, the Abel name is synonymous with quality fly fishing
products. Their fly fishing reels have set the industry standard for
excellence. Steve Abel, the Abel behind the company name, was schooled
as a machinist in the aerospace industry. Frustrated with the fly reels
available to the demanding saltwater angler, he set out to create the
"perfect fly reel;" and as Steve will gladly admit, he became obsessed with
this pursuit. The time and effort Abel craftsmen have spent developing
their superb reels becomes clear the first time you fish with one.
Skillfully machined from solid
blocks of high molecular
density cold finished 6061-T6
aluminum and 303 stainless
steel, Abel reels maintain an
ideal balance of durability,
weight and performance.
Every possible facet of Abel
reels are beautifully ported, or
ventilated, by CNC (Computer
Numerical Control) lathes and
mills without compromising
structural integrity. In fact,
every machinable part, right
down to the stainless screws,
is produced in Abel’s
Camarillo, California facility to
insure the utmost in quality
control. All parts are hand
polished before assembly.
The result is a light, yet
extremely robust reel that can
survive a lifetime of fishing.
Though their outward
appearance exudes precision,
with an Abel reel, it's what is
inside that really counts.

At the center of every Abel Big Game and Super Series Reel is a large
cork composite disk actuated by a draw bar through the center of the reel.
This cork drag system is elegantly simple, with very few parts, yet, is
highly effective. As the drag knob is tightened, the back of the spool is
drawn against the cork drag disk. This large drag surface can create a
substantial amount of friction and thus can effectively slow a powerful
fish. The resultant heat is the reason that many reel drag systems fail.
However, the Abel open draw bar utilizes the entire spool and frame to
dissipate this heat quicker than any other drag design. Cork is the only
durable drag material that is compressible, offering a very low start-up
inertia and silky-smooth transition with a wide range of adjustability The
results speak for themselves; fly reels that have been the most successful
in landing fish over 100 pounds, and, therefore, operate more smoothly
and survive the greatest amounts of stress, have draw bar drags. That’s
why, according to the International Game Fish Association, Abel Fly
Fishing Reels landed more World Records in 2006 than any other brand.
Abel Trout TR2 Fly Reel
Most medium-to-large trout rivers demand a 5- or 6-weight
rod to make those distance casts to larger fish really count.
The TR2 is built for the angler who prefers the bigger
water, but likes simple and classic gear.
Abel fly reel parts list