Abel Sealed Drag Fly Reel
A maintenance-free sealed drag system is now available in three
sizes of Abel Reels.

“While its 27 year history has proven that Abel cork drag reels
work and set world records, times change, technology changes,
and the view on what was once considered ‘routine care’
required on a cork drag reel has also changed, explained Jeff
Patterson, director of sales.  

Abel’s answer is a lightweight, maintenance-free drag
mechanism that has been permanently enclosed utilizing a high-
tech machined aluminum and Rulon® sealed drag system.

A collaborative effort with Oregon reel designer Joe Saracione,
Abel’s Sealed Drag Reel consists of “stacked multi-discs of
prime grade machined aluminum and Rulon®, and a field tested
proprietary gasket seal that completely locks out moisture.  The
aluminum drag discs are hard anodized for abrasion resistance
and sparingly lubricated with waterproof grease that’s light
enough to allow free motion at low drag settings, yet with
enough friction protection to last throughout a lifetime of heavy
drag operation,” according to Swanson.  
Rulon is known for low
coefficient of friction, excellent
abrasion resistance, wide
range of operating
temperatures, and chemical
inertness.  The anodized
aluminum sealed drag
cartridge, coupled with a 330
degree angled cam system
drag knob features 30 detents
(clicks) of adjustment for
virtually infinite settings using
an infallible draw bar
tightening system. The
innovative drag design also
yields incredibly low startup
inertia to protect fine tippets,
while still giving plenty of
power for slowing down even
the fastest running fish,”
Swanson added.

Abel Sealed Drag Reel
assemblies are fitted with both
incoming and outgoing clicks.
Abel Sealed Drag Series reels answer a call from anglers for the
company to offer a salt and sand proof edition of their famously
durable and beautiful reels.  The drag mechanism itself is a
stacked set of machined aluminum and rulon disks protected
inside a completely sealed and anodized housing.  The
mechanism features 30 detents of drag adjustment for virtually
infinite settings.  The disks are so sensitive that both the lightest
and heaviest drag settings are more finely tuned than ever
before, offering practically no start up tension on the light end
and enormous stopping power on the heavy end.  Sealed Drag
reels are lighter than comparable
The Abel Sealed Drag reel is
the finest fly reel in the world,
bar none.  Fish one for a
lifetime, then pass it along to
your children.

Abel specs the SD 4/5 at 100
yds of backing with a 5-weight
line. We recommend 80-yards
with a 5-weight and 90 yds
with a 4-weight.

Note: Abel reels and spools
are available in two standard
colors at the regular price:
Gloss Black Coral and Matte
Black. Abel reels and spools
are also available in a variety
of custom colors and
anodizations, which may be
ordered below.  Please call
our shop for specific
recommendations on custom
colors and styles.